The mysterious art of making deals is not that easy. There have been books written about this everywhere and they have lengthy processes detailed in books that are hundreds of pages long. While this is so nice and insightful, few of us can read all those words from beginning to end.

That is why short pieces written by people who have read all about that stuff is necessary. Think of it as a guideline which you can follow to get there. This will help you get ahead in life without necessarily studying too hard. It not a shortcut, it’s a summary.

So, welcome and let’s begin the process of helping you make the best deals for better income stream.

Wanna Make and Close A Deal? Here’s How

  1. Have A Pitch Ready


This is the first step to making a business deal. You must have something great to offer before anyone can be ready to give you funding or partner with you or just sign a deal. This is the part where you make an impression and get the all wowed and amazed. Put on an appropriate show.

Dress properly, prepare and know your material, make it impressive and get there on time to be punctual and less nervous. Before you leave for the pitch, make sure you have everything.

  1. Know The Other Side

The people or person or company that you’re making a deal with should be known to you in depth. This ensures that when you are making a pitch or sale, you are aware of the potential returns and the wealth of the client that will integral in your deal.

You are using them as a stepping stone where you have a mutual interest and benefit from what you have both invested, make it count.

  1. Have Clearly Expressed Terms

This way, there can be no ambiguity because if there is, you will find yourself with the short end of the proverbial stick and get screwed over. They obviously have attorneys who can spot loopholes and exercise them once the papers are signed. So, be blunt and very express. Clarity is the word.

  1. Work Through The Terms of The Deal


This is the part where you go over the terms and make sure that they are acceptable to the both of you. After that is done and you have all agreed to a common deal, you can then read it again if there were changes made to be sure that you are not going to lose.

  1. Commit and Don’t Be Emotional

When you are done reviewing the deal, it is time to get a clear answer from the person running the company. That way, you can be sure that you have a deal. At this point, there will be heated moments and you will need to keep your anger bottled up.

One simple mistake because of your emotions and you are suddenly not the professional closer again but the weird guy who cries about business.

It Was That Simple– You only need to be prepared for it all and be cool at all times. People write lengthy books about these things to; make money, educate and on many occasions bore us to death. But if you find a highly rated good book on deals, just try it out; I gave you a summary though.

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  1. Renee Quintana

    Yeah, all the points are great and they do work. It’s just that when you know them, you don’t want anyone else to know them. Get it? haha

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