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Paid Surveys at Home: Can You Earn a Living From Paid Surveys?

Paid survey over the past few years have become more and more of thing in the online sphere and also as a way to make quick money.

In order to ensure that companies are making the right products and delivering them to the right consumers, companies are now doing market research and running focus groups in order to determine how relevant their products are to their target audience.

Business People

But because this is a costly and time-consuming task to do one on one, companies often opt to hire a market research company that they pay to reach out to people within their demographic areas of interest.

There are two types of survey organizations. There are the big companies that have sufficient business to run their own surveys, and there are the smaller companies that cant do it on their own. The second type is the one most often seen on the internet. Paid Surveys at Home is an example of the smaller companies.

The one thing that is certain about market research is its un-predictability. For you as the survey taker, you never know if companies will want your opinion or whether you fit in their target demographic.

As a result, you will find that you earn a little money as the surveys may come to you irregularly. You definitely will not be able to earn a living off of doing surveys, but you could earn just a little bit extra cash on the side.

One of the paid survey forums to have emerged in the last couple of years is Paid Surveys at Home. I am going to review this product as well as assess its money making claims on whether they are real or a scam.

What is Paid Surveys at Home?

Paid Surveys at Home is a website or platform that promises to help you earn a living by working from home, or anywhere really, by filling in surveys. It is actually a middle man site that give you access to over 300 survey sites. That is, they have compiled “hundreds of research companies” that are, “reliable and reputable” looking for people to fill in their surveys and pay them for the work done. They promise a guarantee of payment by these research sites.

By using their platform and paying for membership you are able to get paid good money just to participate in online surveys, review movie trailers, test out new products or even be a part of focus groups.

Work from home

You do not need any qualifications to be able to become a member and take surveys. You could be a college dropout, or a stay at home mom that just wants to make a little on the side. Anyone and everyone can join the platform with a guaranteed money earning scheme.

Because this platform is just a middle man site that connects you to the actual survey companies that will pay you for your opinion, you really have no guarantee of getting your money back, you might pay the middle man to get you work, but there is no guarantee that the companies it allows you access to will actually pay you for their surveys or even select you to participate in the surveys.

You should also know that this list of 300 reputable companies is actually a list of companies that you can find, on your own, for free on the internet. You actually do not need a middles man to be able to access these “reputable and reliable” companies.

Should you get the 50% off coupon?

It is rather obvious that the coupon has been put there as bait. We all love discounts and partially free things. It is within our DNA, discounts are just so much more appealing making us feel as if we are getting more value for our money.  But are you really?

Did you know that if you attempt to leave the browser, Paid Surveys at Home will offer you another discount that is 50% of the $34 you would have paid had you gotten the initial 50% bait? So now you are being baited to pay $17 for something that you would have initially paid $34 for! This will go on every time you try to exist and you will eventually end up with a free membership.

Credit card on hand

In as much as this sounds too good to be true, I mean, I could just keep rejecting their offers until it gets cheap enough for me to pay, it should ring alarm bells. If a product is as good and as valuable as it is being marketed, the cost to acquire it would not change so rapidly.

They are basically looking for gullible people like you and me, people who love discounts and a good deal, to make money off. But they are not just making money from the membership, they are also making money from the surveys that you fill in.

Middle man companies such as this will charge you a fee just to join their platform and yet also, they will receive a commission in the back end from all the surveys that you will fill in. And once you pay for the membership, you will discover that the surveys mostly target US citizens. So there you are, having paid money to become a member, thinking that you will earn it back and yet you do not even qualify for the surveys.

Downside of Paid Surveys at Home:

  • You pay $68 to a middle man company only to access a list of sites and companies that you are able to find on the internet at a cost of nothing.
  • Because the site is registered privately, you are not able to know who the real owner is and this of course should bring about questions of legitimacy in your head. If the owner of the company is anonymous, that means that someone is selling things that they do not believe will work and do not want to be held accountable for it.
  • You cannot earn as much as $50 to $150 for taking a survey, if that was true, we would all be survey takers and not need our jobs. Generally, paid surveys online charge from as little as $0.5 to $2 and the $2 will be for a 15-30 minute survey, so if you do the math, you cannot earn $20 for a 20 min survey, neither can you earn$50 to $150 per survey.
  • Other users that have attempted to use this platform are heavily displeased by it with claims that they were cheated off their money.
  • Your personal email information, when you sign up, is taken up and given to 3rd party sites that in turn use your contacts to spam your inbox with sales and promotional emails.
  • Only available for US citizens, but this is not told to you when you become a member, you will only discover this after you have already paid your money.

Computer Problem

So, if you have already paid for membership, can you get your money back?

Yes you can. But only within a space of 60 days, past those days you are on your own and will never see your money back.

So how do you get your money back? During the purchase of membership, you will have gotten, from Clickbank, a money back guarantee that will allow you to get a refund. An email from them (Clickbank) should have been sent to you as soon as membership was purchased on that email is a button you can click to get a refund.

Please note that contacting Paid Surveys at Home will actually not get you anywhere, I mean, the owner of the site is anonymous, you would be expecting way too much if you think they will come through and respond to your queries.

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Final Verdict

It is safe to say that the above product is in fact a scam and not a legitimate business. If your gut feeling is intact, alarm bells should start to go off as soon as you reach the site and are able to see all these great offers of how fast you can make money.

A lot of reviews show people that have not been satisfied by the Paid Surveys at Home product. Of course a lot of the dissatisfaction is a result of them not having made the money that was promised and if it was made, some people have said that they were struggling to get paid, and if you cannot get paid who do you get a hold of? Because the platform will definitely not help you neither will they respond to your queries.

Don’t allow yourself to be gullible, I know every now and then we get hard on cash and are looking for a quick pay out. Well this one is one of those products that will just cause you to lose money that you may not even have to waste.

To round this up, I would like to share with your tips on how to avoid being scammed on the internet.

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How do you know if an online survey business is a scam one?

  • In a survey business that is a scam, you will be the product. That is, you will be made to pay in order to have access to the surveys it says that it is offering and this should not be the case, having access to surveys should be free.
  • Try and find out the legitimacy of the site, do they have a listed address? Do their contact details that actually work?
  • Always be sure to look for a privacy policy, legitimate companies always have a privacy policy.
  • They will email you from a account or account, legitimate businesses should have their email address.
  • Never give any personal information, they shouldn’t need your personal information to allow you to participate in the surveys.
  • Listen to your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Also, just be sure to have a look around the internet before paying for anything online. Read reviews on the products, look for testimonials from various sources and websites just so that you can protect yourself from any sites that will try to scam you off your money.


Paid Surveys At Home Review

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• You will have a lifetime opportunity to earn from home for as long as you want. This is the only product that will show you of a very simple way that you can be able to earn from your home by just filling in some surveys.

• It is a very simple guide to understand. All the information in this guide is arranged in step by step to help you get the real content of every step that you are supposed to follow.

• The chances for the amount of money that you are supposed to earn is not limited. Once you have the techniques from this guide you can earn as much as you want as long as you are willing to work that much.

• It can be used by anyone. It is not limited to some people. With this guide you are not asked of any skills to be able to earn through surveys.

• You are assured of money back within 60 days after purchase if you are not satisfied by the product.

• It has been used by many people who have given their reviews. This means that it is not a scam.


• Once you have bought the guide and read the techniques you are supposed to follow the remaining depends on your effort to earn enough.

• Requires patience when applying the methods before you can start earning huge amount of cash.

Summary: This is a product that everyone should start thinking about as far as working from home is concerned. This is guide that will help you understand how you can easily make a lot of money by participating in very simple survey tasks from the comfort of your home. Forget all the stories that online surveys are a scam. Also forget about all other scam products that you might have come across.

RatingRated 4.6 stars

Rated 4.6 stars
4.6 / 5 (5 )


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great opportunity

on 2017-11-18 20:49:02

I do not think there are people who can explain how much this system has helped my life. It is a total transformation. From struggling with bills into a self-independent person. With the kind of income am getting from the surveys I do a lot.

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My wife is a future mommy and one of her major concerns was about spending too much time without working and earning some money. This is such a relief! And definitely, a must try!

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This thing has become a great solution for me, as I had to stay at home for quite a while without a job. In fact, I'm not sure if I need one any longer 😉

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Getting some good money extra from your normal income is always refreshing. I am glad to have come across this amazing blog for sure. I am therefore looking forward for a great experience and also an opportunity to keep earning.

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Extra Income

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I have for so long wanted to get a way in which I will be earning some extra cash. To me, this was the best article that I came across. For years, I am always skeptical of the move btw. But now I see the future which is a bit brighter. Looking forward to this great opportunity.

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