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Only a brave teacher can teach students to be courageous and only an honest man should preach honesty’. Likewise only a rich man should teach me how to be rich. He’d be the one ‘been there done that’.

67 steps

It is only right that a millionaire teaches me how to be rich and then only it would be realistic. I WOULD you bet my money on him.

Not every day a millionaire comes up to share his secrets of knowledge, success, and wealth and when one does. You must listen holding your breath with all your attention.

The sermons are going to be long you can resume breathing.

Tai Lopez is legendary celebrated youtube personalities, motivational speaker, a successful investor and a multi-millionaire.

Here’s a quick roundup of 67 steps program by Tai Lopez for achieving health, wealth, success, and happiness through training. Mind you, Happiness is a completely different commodity from health and wealth, and very difficult to achieve.

Everyday we see other successful, rich, healthy and happy people around us and desire to live life like them.

We also WANT what others have?

The emotion of envy always lingers our mind when we see people with a bigger home & a fat pay. This envious emotion of feeling discontented is very common and is always there at the back of our mind.

What do we DO about it?

We just give split seconds to such thoughts, take a cold breath and quickly assume that it is not possible to achieve and therefore discard it. Is that a correct APPROACH?

The 67 steps is a complete guide by Tai Lopez on how to achieve happiness and success in life. It shows the roadmap, strategies, and action guide to actually achieve the things we just wish for. It makes you ask the important question again and again that why are you afraid to go any further beyond wishful thinking?

The Key Points of the program:

The program comprises of 67 sequential eye-opener videos that will bring out the best from you.

The videos are rich and make you relate to them. They are not the rant of a bored professor giving a lecture to bored to the bone students.

Tai Lopez, a visionary, has achieved success in life by learning from his own mistakes and guidance from his mentors.

These videos lessons will SHAKE, INSPIRE, PUSH, and POLISH you, in a step by step manner. In this way, you will forget the lesson and you will get more time to absorb them in your life.

The pace of the program is its USP. it will give you chance that you never got.

67 Steps video tutorials will give a new direction to your life yet they are no shortcuts. These tutorials consist of a step-by-step guide on how to lead a successful & happy life, meticulously explained through motivational videos.

Like other reviews, I will not attempt to push this course to you. Through this review, you will get a clear picture on whether this 67 steps program is for you or not.

Comparative study

This course is definitely for you if It’s not for you if 
You want to get richYou  wish to get rich overnight
You want to lose weight fastYou  wish to get rich overnight
you want to move on a bigger caryou just dream to get the best one
you want to learn “How to learn”you just wish to gain but not to learn
you are ready to works towards ityou need it readymade
you are hungry for successyou just wish it to happen

The Program Features:

Fully Functional Web-Based Program

Once you’ve enrolled for membership, you’ll be getting login credentials for accessing the 67 videos through a web-based program. Tai’s training step video lessons of 30-60 minutes will be available to you daily.

High Potential Social Platform

This program also allows members to share their experiences about the program, thereby guiding other potential members about the benefit.

Monthly Phone Call Consultations

This is not just a pre-recorded program to earn money. Tai’s programs don’t believe in ‘One Solution Fits All’. Not only through videos, but this program lets you discuss your progress and queries with Tai’s expert team through calls.

Learn The 67 Steps By Clicking Over To This Link Today, And Start Following The Steps That Tai Lopez Recommends To Succeed!

Added Benefits:

As a gesture from Tai, this program also offers bonus success tips and book of the day summaries through emails. It will also give you the training lessons which have enabled Tai to read books within 10 minutes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The program guarantees utmost satisfaction and ensures no looking back once you’ve enrolled. You can cancel the membership anytime.

The Power of ‘Book of the Day’ Program       

Power of Book

Through “Book of the Day” program, you’ll get to know more about how to achieve great things in life.This “Book of the Day” program is designed to give you more knowledge about achieving success in life through reading.You will also be getting premium audio and video summaries of the ‘Book of the Day’ program. The program will train on how to read books at an alarming speed through 3-step process explained in newsletter.

The stages of this Book

Tai believes that it so possible to gain the knowledge without reading the book thoroughly.

  • In the first stage, he encourages the members to read books from cover to cover. At this stage, he emphasizes on absorbing the main lessons in the book which will be only one or two.
  • In the second reading, Tai focuses on the table of contents and urges to go through the beginning of each chapter line by line. You will get the main idea of the chapters and the book as a whole by this exercise. By this stage, you will have a good idea about the strength of the chapters and the books.
  • In the third stage, you can read the first few lines of all paragraphs and within 30 minutes you will be able to the whole book with great knowledge about it. Read the important pages carefully and skim through the parts which are just an extension of the idea.

With proper practice, you’ll complete the first stage in 10 mins, second in 20 and final stage in 30 mins.

67 Steps- A lighthouse showing the path

As earlier said, the 67 Steps videos are not a shortcut to success but they guide you to the right path to success. They show you that the things which you have been doing incorrectly can be improved and a huge difference can be made in life which will improve its quality to a great extent.

Choice of Learning the Hard Way or the Soft Way

These videos are a treasure trove of knowledge accumulated from experience. As Tai mentions the saying of legendary Warren Buffet ‘You only learn from mistakes. But, they don’t have to be your own mistakes.’ These videos will teach you things in an easy way what others had to learn very hard way.

Enabling to Run Fast to Catchup on Lost Time

It trains you to make up for the lost years in life. The success which had got stalled for unknown reasons can be given a big time push so that you can fulfill all the wishes in reality that you cherished in your dreams.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is a learner in the school of life. He may not be an exact representation of the rags to riches story but it’s nothing even short of it. At one point of time, Tai didn’t have his home, a job, or even money in the pocket.Started with just a few dollars, Tai has come a long way by achieving success through guidance from most successful people.


He learned lot of valuable things from many successful and rich people’s training that changed his life. Not everyone gets such a chance. He wants to offer this opportunity to everyone.

The 67 Steps is the nectar of all the knowledge which he has gained from his mentors, thousands of books he has read and the experience he has gained.


The 67 Steps is surely an impressive tutorial program which provides very firm ground for the people who want to learn how to succeed in life by taking the correct steps. The quality of tutorials is fabulous and Tai is able to hold the viewer’s attention for the complete duration of the videos. If nothing the videos are powerful enough to change the way you perceive things especially success and hence it is something to give a try.

The benefits outweigh the costs by miles and hence giving it a try is a good option for anyone who wants to do things differently in life and achieve something he/ she has only been dreaming about till now.

Click This Link And You’ll Be Taken To The 67 Steps Where You Can Learn For Yourself What You Need To Do To Succeed!


1. The videos give a fresh perspective on life, success and the approach one should have in achieving the goals.

2. It doesn’t boast about giving any shortcut key or cheat codes to success but emphasizes on working in the right direction.

3. It is easy to understand and easier to follow

4.The step by step videos give the time for lessons to sink in and hence all is not lost

5. The social network provides a firm ground for the users to interact with other people on the same page

6. The programs are flexible and provide very fertile ground for preparation of new strategies for success

7. The videos train you to look in the right direction and don’t force you to see from third party eyes

8. The money back guarantee ensures the users that they can back out whenever they want although the need to do so doesn’t look necessary


1. Tai is a successful entrepreneur and hence his endeavors to sell and earn profits are visible at every stage and hence there is a lot of upselling at every stage.

2. The monthly charges may look more at times

3. At times things may look very easy from Tai’s perspective but may be difficult for a person not in his position so this can look disheartening and difficult at times

Summary: This review is for 67 steps that has been introduced by Tai-Lopez. This is a complete guideline for anybody to gain success his/her life. Tai-Lopez describes many lessons from his life throughout this program that is very important for each one. I believe the advice I’ve summarized in this post is the most essential to take away from the 67 Steps course.

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