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Business, and by that I mean any business, is the backbone of any society. Where there is business, there is demand and supply, production, labor, trade, capital, etc. But it is getting harder and harder to build one due to the high initial investments.

And, to obtain favorable loan or credit one must have good business credit, and that is often a tremendous setback for many entrepreneurs and investors.

So, I dedicated this review to all those people who want to improve their business credit but don’t know where or how to start the improvement. Hope this post will solve your problems!

Common problems related to business credit


So, you want to start a business? I’m sure you are well aware of some of the significant problems with your idea. Moreover, I’m sure you are facing some of those issues right now. Check the list below and see if you share a common concern:

  1. You want to start a business but don’t have enough capital to do so (probably the most common problem for any soon-to-be businessman)
  2. Can’t create a proper business credit because you have a terrible personal credit (and it is tied to your business credit).
  3. You have an excellent personal credit, but the creditors continuously deny your wish for favorable business credit.
  4. You already made some business-type purchases, but there is still no record of that in your business credit (yet you don’t have a business credit)
  5. The only thing your creditors approve is the credit limits (which can be good for personal, but not business reasons)
  6. You would like to separate your personal credit from business credit.

David Cohen’s view on these problems

tie and business

A lot of people recognize these issues but rarely do they offer solutions to them. Unlike most of us, David decided to act and figure out how a small business can grow big. Let’s face it; it’s all about credit. The only way to compete is to grow, and the only way to grow is to invest, and the only way to fund is if you have credit.

So, he focused his energy on figuring out the way to get favorable credit. You can either save money and then invest that money into your business (that could take years, even decades).

Also, you could seek investors and beg them to invest capital in your company. Or, you can do the research, and come up with the best and safest way to fund your business.

However, you don’t have to research because David did that already. He also decided to share what he found with the rest of the world. Thus, he combined and put data into a program designed to help people develop their business: it is called Business Credit Blitz.

The birth of Business Credit Blitz

doing business together

It took a lot of time to develop this system. David got hooked on the idea of real estate investing. He was also interested in the stock market (because of the market’s ability to multiply money). Why did he want all this?

For starters, he wanted to quit the 9-5 life! He also wanted to be rich and be able to buy all the things he wanted to buy. But, there was one big problem with his plan: he was broke. He had no money, his credit score was below average, and he had no one from whom he could borrow money. He worked as an independent contractor and used that money to fund his ambitions, but that took way too long.

And then, when his dreams were slowly fading away, David created a way that allowing him to accumulate large amounts of business credit without the need to guarantee it personally. Moreover, his business failed during the market crash in 2008. After the crash, he took a job at one of the largest law firms in Los Angeles.

There, he learned everything he needed to create the Business Credit Blitz. His colleagues thought him how to secure credit at as low as 2% interest rate (sometimes even 0), how to separate personal from business debt and many other tricks. In summary, he had:

  • no personal liability or guarantee
  • very low to no interest rates
  • massive credit limits

What is Business Credit Blitz

repair your business credit

These are the main three issues the Business Credit Blitz solves:

  1. Not utilizing OPM (other’s people money)
  2. Settling for unfavorable terms (such as high-interest rates)
  3. Being held personally liable for all the money you borrow.

With this system, you will avoid all these issues. You will borrow money at low interest rates and limited or no liability. Using business credit and combining it with balance and stability, you will be able to build a stable and profitable company, one that will produce, employ, grow.

Some of the systems key features

  • finding vendors that report transaction history
  • the way to repair your personal score without repairing your personal credit
  • how to get your first business credit card
  • how to get a higher credit limit from the getgo
  • the way to eliminate your personal liability to business credit
  • how to torn bank account into your personal credit
  • where to invest your money

Program’s goal

common goal

The program’s goal is straightforward: avoiding financial holes. The economic system a business system, not personal. It treats everything as a being a number, including you. And even if you invest in it, you are still just a number.

A lot of people forget this, and they end up in debt. Why? Well, their profit couldn’t’ cover their expenses and interest rate (often high-interest rate they agreed on)! The Business Credit Blitz wants to avoid that at all costs. This is a foolproof program that allows people to stockpile their business credit with little to no personal guarantee for repayment.

The program was praised in numerous reviews and has already helped countless small and large businesses. Here’s the list of philosophical premises for this program:

  • contrary to popular belief, no experience is needed to get your hands on business credit
  • you can implement this program regardless of your business if you follow the step by step instructions

Advantages of using this system

stacked money

Apart from avoiding debt slavery or personal bankruptcy, you will boost your business credit. Not only that, using the methods provided in this program, you will learn how to improve your credit score in under 30 days.

Moreover, you won’t have to repair your credit, do disputes or pay off debt. It is excellent for people who need a quick credit boost for car loans or mortgages.

The program will also show you how to build your credit score for free, organically. More importantly, the Business Credit Blitz will warn you of predators. As I said before, starting a business is no game.

There are a lot of business credit report corporations that feed on business. Moreover, they feed on a company that wants to improve their business credit score. They can charge you thousands of dollars just to set the credit profile for you.

This program will help you do that for free! The guide will also explain how to establish tradelines that report to your history to credit bureaus; reporting your history is very important! Some of the companies you do business with (at least half of them) won’t report your credit history. Read this guide to find out how to recognize and avoid these businesses since they are a complete waste of your time.

What is included in this offer?


These are the things you will get if you buy the Bussines Credit Blitz:

  • Business Credit Blitz Program: How to Build a $100K in business credit quickly
  • Bonus #1: See which vendors are best for building business credit
  • Bonus #2: Boost Your Personal Credit Score without Making Money Repairs To Your Credit
  • Bonus #3: Personal Credit Repair
  • Bonus #4: Comprehensive Investment Guide: Make Your Business Credit Work for you
  • Bonus #5: Audio Version of the BCB program
  • Bonus #6: Free future updates

Another critical thing to mention about this program is the Business Credit Success Guarantee. What is it? Well, if you don’t access business credit within 90 days using this program, the program is free! So, it is a win-win situation for you.

Buy it and try it and use this program to launch your ideas, grow your business and invest your credit in stocks and real estate. In general, business credit provides you with an alternative way of funding.

Without physically risking your own money (cash), you use business credit to invest in any market you want. However, don’t think for a seconding that this program is a magic wand that will make all your problems go away.

No, the program will help you get the credit and will advise you about investment, but it ultimately comes down to you whether or not you will make a profit using this credit. I suggest you do try it, maybe read some other reviews about the program, but definitely try it and finally get the credit you needed to fund your dreams!

If you’ve been wanting to get some more business credit, then you’ll want to grab Business Credit Blitz today. Click here to get your copy, and learn the next steps!


Minimum risk
Easy to follow
Easy to use
Very efficient
Huge potential


Lack of customer service

Summary: Business Credit Blitz is a business credit repair program. Instead of relying on outdated ways of funding business, Business Credit Blitz offers a new perspective with the focus on business credit accumulation. Use this system to fund your business smoothly and grow to riches.

RatingRated 4.83 stars

Rated 4.83 stars
4.83 / 5 (6 )


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    User: 83%

Denise Warren
Rating: 5
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    User: 98%

This makes it exceedingly difficult to recommend it as an affiliate income program.

on 2019-06-05 00:29:28

BCB is unlikely to be a good long-term option for affiliate marketers looking to earn a living. The main problem with BCB seems to be its legitimacy as a product and a company.

George Oliver
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 50%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 50%
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    User: 50%

on 2018-12-14 21:54:35

This is a program that provides a business credit building system to help your business start getting credit from suppliers fast and easy. You can also consider it as a firm to help your business start generating five-figure or six-figure incomes.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 50%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 50%
  • Cost
    User: 50%

on 2018-11-21 15:30:07

There is a new program that was designed to help business oriented people finally learn how they can get the credit they need in terms of the goods and items you want to trade in. this program is called the Business Credit Blitz.

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 88%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 100%
  • Cost
    User: 100%

Quality product without a doubt

on 2018-11-02 06:30:24

I have really seen what this system can do. It is a quality product that i wouldn't mind recommending to my friends. I have a number of friends who have agreed to take the same program because of how effective it is.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 94%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 93%
  • Cost
    User: 100%

on 2018-02-09 15:24:25

Very helpful guide! Easy to understand and really quick to access. You gain instant access once you've purchased it and it can be read anytime anywhere.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 99%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 97%
  • Cost
    User: 97%

on 2018-02-07 18:37:52

A very good thing to read when you are looking to make things better in the field of your business and income. Many a guides seem to be too off the topic and too optimistic to be true, this one is something that you can believe in and put your trust in. Love the way it is written and the way the whole mechanism of increasing the income has been described.

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