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All your social media, all your accounts, in one place!

Hello, fellow bloggers, freelancers, and Social media managers. I know you don’t have that much time because managing and keeping alive a company on social media is not an easy job.

It’s even harder when your clients, companies want to have mostly all the advertisement on line through social media, the nightmare of generating new accounts, managing all of them, creating and uploading content.

You know that each one of them has different policies, different ways to upload items or even rules for posting. It’s just too much to keep for only one person, and clients really don’t understand it. It’s like “it’s only social media, you should do it by yourself from your phone and shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes”.

Or have you ever heard: “Why do you charge that much for something that a teenager can do for free every day?”

What about the campaigns that, your target, needs to be exposed to and share at a specific time? Well, that is well known in marketing, but you if have ten clients with fifteen different campaigns, and all of them need to be posted at the same time.

By the moment that you finished the fifteen posts

  • It’s already two hours late from the deadline
  • You have one or two angry costumers
  • Then you need to promise to post them first next time
  • Then you upset another two

That is the cycle of never ending in media post, this is a daily problem that we face.

And don’t get me started with

  • Account creations
  • IP bans
  • Restrictions made in social media

These security features that consume literally most of the time. Time that you can use looking for another client, creating a new strategy, or just eating.

Customer Care

As you know, it’s not posting what really matters in a social media channel. It’s what you do and the interaction with users.

There are some good examples on the web about some companies with a really good interaction with customers. Most of them also claimed that they choose that brand just because they thought it was funny, creative, or helpful with the answers and interactions.

Those strategies take too much time and people to be paying attention to:

  • Hash Tags
  • Private messages
  • Live stories dedicated to your product.

That is why it’s crucial to have more time available and not invest all of it creating and posting.


Don’t worry, this review is not a marketing lesson. I don’t think you need it because you are already managing social media, so you know the importance of keeping a company alive virtually.

So, costumers can relate and interact with it, in order to boost sales and customer service. But the big question is how to attract them to our channels.

How to keep posting regularly and sharing our content?

To be on the first page of a search engine when they type something related to our client’s products or even to our services.

All this is can be achieved and manage in a matter of minutes with Easy BackLinks.

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What is it?

Well, it’s a virtual tool that manages all in one, and yeah it sounds too good to be true but it is. You can upload, share, manage and even create new accounts with just a click from the tool.

When I decided to buy and start using it, at the beginning, it was too easy that I didn’t believe that accounts were created or my content was shared.

It was just matter of a few minutes, 20 at the most, and I got the message that everything was set and ready for the campaign that I have designed.

The best part is all the services that you can do from only one platform. For example:

  • Automate account creation
  • Hides your IP
  • Easy backlinks syndicates your content
  • Captcha breaker
  • Drip feeds
  • Blog post
  • Web based
  • Compatible with all designs

Literally, it’s just about selecting the social medium. Choose how many and which accounts you need, and it’s done in the next two minutes.

About the features

While it is creating the accounts it Hides Your IP,  so now you can forget about waiting for days in order to create more, you just chose as many as you need whenever you need them, and they get done.

No more headaches to organize your content among all your social media Easy Backlinks syndicates your content now with one automated tool, you can control everything on every page, and even in previous public relations channels that you might not have explored.

Captcha complicates everything. Well, here it’s a Captcha Breaker and it’s included without any extra charge.

What else?

What about releasing all your feed? Slowly in order to not release all at once and over feed your audience or run out of content in a short time. Well, Drip Feeds will help you to keep it natural, and will slowly, and even under schedule, if required, release your content in all the sites without an extra effort.

In addition, all your blogs’ creations and posts will be organized and pushed to the first page in the search engines because Blog Post syndicates the content, and periodically pushes the page to be more accessible on the first page of results.

If, you are on a trip or outside of the office and you need to get access to your feeds or something. Well, this all web based and compatible with all designs, no matter where you are or with which device you want to manage any of your campaigns, you can have access to it, edit, and post.

Whats next?

With this amazing tool created by Alex Krulik, you will have everything in one place, and to have access to it no matter where or at what time do you need it.

But I think one of the best features of the tool is to have access to all the statistics, performance, and numbers of everything in one place organized

This makes it easier to

  • Make decisions
  • Deliver reports
  • Sell your services
  • You can monitor all the campaigns: live
  • You can see interactions.

Because contrary to popular belief, social media managing is not just posting and sharing, we need also to analyze, plan, correct, and create new content.

You know that information is power. And with the right information, you can boost all your strategies because now you are making decisions based on true and live data. You will have it all there in one place.

Real Results

Just to clarify, this is not a magic tool that will get results and do the work for you. It’s only a better platform to get and do what you need in a faster and more efficient way.

Imagine that instead of spending all the time posting uploading and creating channels even searching for new channels, you will invest that time creating new content, taking care of customers, getting new customers.

You can now make real and complete marketing campaigns for everything, at the same time. You will be able to

  • Supervise
  • Analyze
  • Modify
  • Adapt
  • live feed all of them

All with the same tool. It is like cloning yourself in different computers and doing it at the same time.

Now, you can diverse your services if you are a freelancer like me. I highly recommend that, after you acquire this tool, you get a graphic designer or learn how to do it. Get a writer too, and if possible even a programmer. Now you will offer a more solid and complete service.

All will be managed, and time will be now invested in the best way possible You can offer full packages to clients and get more results, be the entrepreneur that you wanted.

I mean you start it this to have more free time, to avoid time schedules slavery and still be financially sustainable.

Well now you have something to do it faster and efficient, you can explore new ways, hire new people, is just up to you how to extend the remaining time that will be saved thanks to Easy Backlinks.


Managing social media is a real time-consuming business. Hiring too many people to help you will be expensive and will not guarantee results.

As every freelancer, with the more customers you get, your revenue will be greater. The only way to generate more customers without cloning you and your actual staff is with technology.

One place for everything and yes, that tool exists now, there won’t be more:

  • Delays due too many posts at the same time
  • Delay on data gathering and analyzing
  • Saying no to new customers due lack of time
  • Using the same content because there is no time to create new

There will be enough time, and information, for you to decide the best direction for you and your customers, which means more satisfied customers and bigger contracts in the future.

In every single business, the golden rule is to the delivery original and in time materials, if now you can control the time for managing you will be available to focus on creation.

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All in one
Incredible data insights
Easy to use
Saves you time


Takes time to learn how to combine all the features
You need a stable internet access

Summary: All your social media, all your accounts, in one place.

RatingRated 4.93 stars

Rated 4.93 stars
4.93 / 5 (15 )


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