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Hi there, thank you for reading this review about Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification. I am excited to finally have the chance to share my experience with this amazing coaching program.

I have been coaching people for a year now and it has been an amazing journey, right from the start. And I believe that everyone should have the chance of, at least, considering a new approach, and that is why I am writing this review.

Starting with the right foot

It is immediately obvious that this program talks to the general population and would be amazing for more people to have access to what can be an amazing life-path for most, and to which not everyone has access.

No, not because this is an exclusive path or program, but because not everyone can become a life coach (I used to think otherwise, will explain later)

If you are:

  • Empathetic
  • Considerate
  • Patient
  • Tolerant
  • Able to deliver tough love
  • Able to see the good in the people

Then you are basically 75% on the way of being a life coach, the only thing missing is getting certified and getting a structure to follow, and well, Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification is it.

Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification

Life coaching for my life

As an HR manager, who LOVED his job, I was dealing with people every day, almost all day. Problem after problem:

  • Disease
  • Breakdown
  • Anxiety
  • Harassment
  • Racism
  • Sexism

There was always someone coming to my office with an issue that needed counseling and understanding, and I was always the first source.

Once, my CEO, an amazing leader, noticed this about my job and all the time I spent doing this, he noticed the opportunity and he sent me to get certified as a life coach with another program.

It worked, it was amazing and I loved it. As my friends learned that I did that, they started to approach and I was coaching them, I became so successful, I couldn’t believe it.

Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Life coaching for my life

New beginnings

As more people started asking me to coach them in my spare time, I basically set up a workshop in my living room and was coaching from there.

I started noticing that if I did this full time, I would be happier and earn more, and so, I made a plan.

My boss was NOT happy, he had invested so much in my certification, he thought it was a completely incorrect move to tap out.

Being that the man had been great with me, and wanting to leave in the best terms possible, I told him I would get my successor, a very talented girl from my department, also certified, that I would take care of that.

We set for 2 months to do the transition, give her everything, and start the coaching.

Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification

I knew “all the basics” of coaching, but I didn’t know how to coach someone to become a coach, so I needed assistance.

Looking online in some reviews here and there, Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification came up and people seemed to be OK with it, which made me feel weird at the beginning, but then I decided to buy it and try.

As I went on planning my coaching sessions with my successor, I was mesmerized on how amazing this program is!

Dr. Steve G. Jones has planned for everything, all the aspects of coaching, even the money, are covered, not only mentioned but covered.

There are thorough explanations, there is:

  • Structure
  • Progression
  • Study cases
  • Exercises
  • Practice

Everything you need is there. As a certified coach myself, I felt a little bad that I hadn’t been exposed to this yet, but the past was in the past, so I needed to coach this woman.

Fast-Track Life Coaching

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Fast-Track Life Coaching

Paying it forward

As I went on coaching my successor, I just kept on being amazed by how easy this program is. How everything is so well structured that it’s hard to miss a point.

I had received such an expensive, intensive preparation that included basically almost all of Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification, I could have just taken this one and be as good!

My successor? She loved it! For some reason that I don’t understand until today, she thought at the beginning that I had written Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification, she had me in extremely high regard. Then I forwarded her the program and her illusions were broken, but now she admires Dr. Steve G. Jones.

As time went on, even though I had already my certification and experience, I was learning so much by teaching her, but also, by using this program. My skills improved tons, and my clients were extremely happy.

How does it work

Right after you buy it, you have access to it. So there is no waiting, no excuses. Basically, you are taken through the different points of life-coaching, and a series of introspective exercises that will fine-tune your intuition skills.

This set the bases of life-coaching and they will affect basically everything you do during coaching afterward.

Then, we get to different:

  • Work frames
  • Skills
  • Exercises
  • Situations
  • Study cases
  • Approaches

Among other things, that will prepare you for making better decisions and knowing how and where to guide a person for their next step.

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Moving on

As you get better, it is important to start marketing your skills, that is also covered. Everything is, that is why it is a certification.

Coaching people is an amazing exercise that should be done if you have the sensitive skills to do it. It is delivering happiness, it is helping someone else to create a new life for themselves. How is this not the greatest job on earth?

You can start doing it by following this amazing certification, make a lot of money, and help others reach their dreams while you reach yours!

My life outside of coaching

Because my coaching business is doing so well now, and because of the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification. I have been able to focus on also developing my life in every sense, not only professionally:

  • Work-related
  • Health
  • Appearance
  • Relationships

Little by little I have been aligning my life so that I can coach better.

Shouldn’t a coach be perfect?

No! Coaches are people, we make mistakes, we are also trying to put some pieces of our lives together.

The difference? The approach and training.

You will have the skills to deal with things in your life that, most probably, in the past would have completely shaken your center and taken you out of course.

This helps a lot with empathy and rapport. We don’t stand as all-knowing beings, but rather as aware and self-conscious people that will help others shed light in their inner issues and become a better version of themselves.

Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Shouldn’t a coach be perfect

Who can do this?

Well, as I mentioned above in the review, basically everyone that meets some of the conditions above, not necessarily all.

I have some coach colleagues that can be severe and strict, some are lighter, almost hippie-like, some are friendly, etc. It is as diverse as people are, and people need different approaches, of course. However, a bit of empathy, structure, etc. Do make a difference.

What makes this different?

The most important thing is the independence on self-learning, while at the same time, having a backup from someone such as the Dr.

You can do as many hours a day as you wish, and get certified as fast as you can. It is at your own pace.

There are some things that might take time to digest, yeah. But that won’t really delay your certification or damage your abilities. Trust me.

Also, since Dr. has had tons of experience, there are different situations that are covered that will help you get started and know how to handle them.

Following those who know

Experience is everything, really, this guy knows what he’s doing and he will guide you through a lot of things that might be overlooked by new coaches.

It is important to follow the advice of someone with so much experience in both, coaching and certifying people, this will add a big plus to your sessions

Also, with such a great structure to get started, you won’t miss any important point and you will always have a point of reference for whenever you don’t feel ready.

Following a proven method filled with success stories has always been a good idea, it worked for me, why shouldn’t it work for you.


  • Create a life for yourself
  • Help others reach their dreams
  • Have a meaningful career


  • It takes time
  • Need to learn something new

Final thoughts

In this world, papers mean a lot, you can have all the experience in doing whatever, but if you don’t have a diploma that certifies that, people won’t believe you.

Being a life coach is not different, and so, with this certification, you can kickstart your new career and start improving your life and those of others.

Do not let the opportunity to add meaning to your life slip away, this is an amazing chance to change the course, get the steering wheel of your life back in your hands and make a difference for other people.

Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification

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  1. It just all feels defferent with the certificate, don’t you think? The way your clients or students treat you, the way you can show yourself and the money you make, of course.

  2. Craig Hartzell

    It doesn’t matter how expert you are on anything if you are not certified. With a certificate, your experiences get the higher qualification and respect. For that, you need to get a certificate, and this program is going to help you to get certified in a mannered way.

  3. Neil Georges

    It enlightens you on how to coach other people and make money from it. I can assure you that you will not find these coaching skills elsewhere.he program is outlined in step by step guidelines which ensure that it is very simple to use.

  4. One of the program i have used and i can assure you that it makes a total transformation in someone’s life. There is no doubt for this one. I have looked at it and came to understand that it contains techniques that are so much different. It is also created by experts that really understand about life experiences and transformation.

  5. If you love inspiring and motivating others so that they can become their best selves and achieve great success this program is for you. Life coaching certification lets others know that you are the real deal and opens many doors. This is a comprehensive program that includes various situational work frames, skills, practising exercises and case studies.

  6. Leonard Passmore

    This program will transform your life from being an information seeker to a provider of the same whilst helping others achieve their dreams and get on the right paths.

  7. Frederick

    With the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification program, you can build a brand-new business, which allows you to create your own schedule, work from home or anywhere you desire, be your own boss, and have the freedom to do whatever you want. This program will work for you even if you think you haven’t given anyone any advice yet. It is easy to follow, plus it will provide you with the exact steps that you need to take in order to help other people attain success and their other desires.

  8. This is a program that will help you utilize your skills to your own personal deals. The techniques used are unique and they cannot be found in other reviews of such product.

  9. this is a good time for you to take action to make a lasting change in your life. There are not many businesses that you can start and all the tools and information have been provided for you. You are going to learn from Jones’ experience and avoid all the mistakes of setting up a business from the start by yourself. You’re learning directly from the man who tried it and survived.

  10. Martin McDaniel

    this is a good time for you to take action to make a lasting change in your life. There are not many businesses that you can start and all the tools and information have been provided for you. You are going to learn from Jones’ experience and avoid all the mistakes of setting up a business from the start by yourself. You’re learning directly from the man who tried it and survived.

  11. Reyes Givens

    Since behavioral patterns are usually influenced by emotions, this program will teach you how to train individuals to tap into the potential of emotions and become masters at influencing others through this. You will learn how to disseminate information the right way in order to get the ultimate results.

  12. Everyone wants to know this before they buy.
    Is this guy for real? I am reading his reviews and some thing doesnt seem real to me. But how do we know?
    Well, I will probably buy his thing and see if it works for me. If it doesn’t, i will post back He is either real…and let’s anyone post. Or he is not. And he won’t. He will block this. Let’s see what happens .

  13. Laura Thompson

    Like many things in life, this book is not a magical solution. So, the mere buying it will not make it work. The principles have to be learned and put into practice. In other words, it needs commitment!

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