Life is a journey and an individual has to undertake multiple endeavors to get around multiple challenges. Most of the goals can be achieved by sheer grit and a strong focus. However, it is important to realize that an individual’s financial prowess also plays an equally important role in fulfilling dreams.

Consider a case where a brilliant student who could not attend graduate school due to lack of funds.  Another example is that of an enterprising person who cannot set up his own business venture due to lack of funding.

Usually, individuals rely on banks and other financial institutions to borrow loans and meet their financial obligations. However, banks have their own qualification criteria and they offer loans at higher interest rates. Not everyone is in a position to avail loans.  Hence the US Federal government has come with a large number of schemes to reach out and genuinely help deserving individuals.

Federal funding is not only available to promising individuals but also to the poor and the needy. These are the people who face challenges while making their payments and satisfying their essential needs. The government has also provided funding in the form of food assistance, rental assistance, unemployment, and retirement benefits.

Despite the availability of funds, a large number of people are not able to avail the benefits largely due to the lack of information about the subsidies and grants.  Secondly, people are not aware of the processes or procedures required to access financial aid. Thirdly, they do not get the necessary guidance about how to get started and whom to reach out to for availing the federal funds.

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Now, an organization named as has stepped forward to help people identify funding opportunities. The organization helps to save time by providing the right information and by speeding the process of accessing funds.

What is

The ‘Federal Funding Programs’ helps average citizens by identifying local and nationwide funding opportunities that have been created by federal, state and private sources. The organization has access to 22,000 funding programs whose very aim is to allocate grants and funds with low-interest rates.

Every year, ‘Federal Funding Programs’  helps to fund about $57 billion to average American citizens who would usually find to access various funds.  Identifying various funding opportunities and gaining access to them is time-consuming and ‘Federal Funding Programs’ helps you save several hours, weeks and months by helping you to connect with the right funding sources.

Gaining access to funds and grants is the biggest obstacle that businesses face while setting up their own ventures.  Many American citizens are not aware of the existence of various funding and grant programs. ‘Federal Funding Programs’ has always proved to be reliable as well as a trustworthy partner to thousands of entrepreneurs who wanted to embark on their business venture.


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Why does the Federal government provide subsidized loans and free financial assistance?

The federal government is concerned about the economic development of the nation. This in return depends on the growth of its human resources. Hence, one of the main duties of the Federal government is to offer subsidized or free financial assistance. The assistance is provided to promising and enterprising individuals who will play a major role in the future growth and economic development of the nation.

The recent figures released by the Federal government is indicative of the impetus that small businesses have received from the federal government. In 2017, about $40 billion grants were sanctioned by the federal government to boost small-scale businesses and procurement contracts worth $750 billion were awarded to businesses. Additionally,  $38 billion was invested in services dedicated to research and consultation.

In its pursuit to build the nation, the Federal government does not neglect the old, the underprivileged and other disadvantaged sections of the society.  The old and the veterans have done their best to help the nation and now the government has to care for them. And by helping the underprivileged sections of the society, the Federal government ensures that it builds a stronger and capable workforce to meet future economic needs.

Usually, banks and other financial institutions do not bear the social responsibility of the Federal government and they aim to generate profits while sanctioning loans and other forms of financial assistance. Since their financial lending is driven by business targets, banks, and other financial institutions aggressively promote their schemes.

Unlike banks, the Federal Government does not promote its schemes and programs aggressively and hence many people are not aware of them. ‘Federal Funding Programs’ serves to bridge the gap between government agencies and other people by enabling citizens to access the financial assistance that they deserve.

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What are the different funding programs that can be availed through FFP?

Following are the different program categories and the respective funding opportunities that can be accessed easily after joining FFP:

1. Business Funding

  • Small business loans
  • R&D funding programs
  • Women’s business ownership assistance
  • Business start-up capital
  • Home business assistance
  • Minority-owned business funding
  • Small business ventures
  • Private money and venture capital
  • Business expansion funding
  • Small business management

2. Individual and housing funding

  • Food and nutrition
  • Rent assistance
  • First-time home-buyers
  • Child care grants
  • Rental housing for low-income families
  • Utility bill assistance
  • Personal and business debt consolidation
  • Health and medical bills assistance
  • Housing repair grants

3. Education funding

  • Scholarships
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Stafford loans
  • Research grants
  • College funding
  • Student financial aid
  • College tuition assistance
  • Grant funding for universities

What are the different types of fundings that are available?

Apart from helping people to access government-backed funds, the program also enables businesses and entrepreneurs to access funds from other sources as well. Following are the various sources of funds that are available:

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Micro-loans
  • Corporate foundation grants
  • Private foundation grants
  • Bank loans
  • Credit cards

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Why is the program unique?

There are a large number of agents and intermediaries that promise to help people get the desired funding. However, they charge hefty fees for offering their services.  Moreover,  these intermediaries do not guarantee returns. So, people rarely benefit after buying the services of these intermediaries.

‘Federal Funding Programs’ has its own team of funding specialists that guarantee the availability of funds to the members. The program connects the members to those funding organization that has a good track in the past.

What is the average amount of fund amount?

Usually, small businesses get to avail anywhere from $500.00 to $100,000.00 for funding their small ventures. It is important to note that the number of grants depends on their utilization. Funding organizations prefer to channelize money for community welfare. For example, there are businesses that have received fund amount ranging from $100,000 to millions because the money was used for the benefit of communities.

Additionally, the money that is used for community welfare is not taxable. Other funds that are used for business ventures are taxable by the federal government. The taxability of any fund that is used for start-up businesses is subject to the declaration of the tax status by the business.

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Do I have to compete with other members while applying for funds?

Yes. You will be competing with other applicants for securing funds and grants. There will also be funding programs that prefer to source money to regional or local ventures. Some programs have restrictions and there are others catering to minority communities.

However, the program connects you with the most suitable funding sources so that your application is among the ‘top 50 proposals’ which are classified under the ‘most suitable’ category. You will be provided with up-to-date information about funding requirements so that you can furnish all relevant details in the application. In this way, your application will stand out from the rest of the competition.

Do I have to pay any fees while applying for funds?

Most of the funding organizations do not require you to pay any application fees. However,  some angel investors do charge fees during the application processes. Angel Investors are the companies that provide seed funds to start-up companies. These investors expect returns from the business growth and hence they invest money in the venture.

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Angel Investors spend a considerable amount of their valuable time to interact with applicants, to study review business cases and to see their presentations. Some angel investors might exchange ideas with the applicants. So there is a possibility that some angel investors might charge you some fees during the application review process.  Other than these, there aren’t any other funding organizations that require the applicant to pay additional money.


  • This helps small business and entrepreneurs to explore funding opportunities that have untapped potential.


  • There aren’t any cons.

How do I buy services of

You will need to become a member of for accessing the vast network of funds and grants providers. The product website provides details regarding membership fees.  In addition, ClickBank, the world’s most secure online retailer, offers the product and processes the payment.

The good thing about the program is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Members can apply for a refund if they are not able to raise funds with ‘Federal Funding Programs’. Creators of the program have received good reviews and hence they have full faith in their service offering.

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Click here if you’re ready to unlock the Federal Funding Programs you need – find out how to qualify and secure them for yourself!


  1. Federal funding is not only available to promising individuals but also to the poor and the needy. These are the people who face challenges while making their payments and satisfying their essential needs. The government has also provided funding in the form of food assistance, rental assistance, unemployment and retirement benefits.

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  4. If eligible, search for programs at Assistance Listings. Includes grants, loans, business and non financial help. Give you the most prospects and most detailed information, but we offer some free tools that you can use now to find some funders.

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    FFP will help you locate the best opportunities available to you and help you apply to the programs that will give out Billions of dollars annually through Federal Government and Private Agencies and Foundations throughout the USA.

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    Using FFP assistance service will save you time as finding sources of funding is often the single biggest challenge for someone needing to obtain funding for starting or expanding their business as well as trying to obtain funding for personal needs.

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    This program is quite suitable for those who need help in the shape of financing. If you think that you are not a needy person, then this “Federal Funding programs” is not for you.

  9. FFP will help you locate the best opportunities available to you and help you apply to the programs that will give out Billions of dollars annually through Federal Government and Private Agencies and Foundations throughout the USA.

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  11. The Federal Government is the major source of grants and funding while there are programs that are also available locally – such as other agencies at the state and community level.

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