Everybody loves the sound of football. The raging sound of spectators in a stadium is one of the factors that make the sport a popular game around the globe.

On the other hand, people have found a new way to make money through the game. I mean huge profits. This is through betting.

Football is a beautiful game

For people who love making money through this method, it would be difficult to make profits if you know anything about the game. It is also not easy for some to predict the outcome of a game because football is a very unpredictable game.

With the FootyBetter extra review, you no longer have to worry about having to prediction problems games again. In this article, we will review the FootyBetter extra product, and show you the reasons why you should buy the product.

Problems that revolve around Betting

  • We have many major leagues in the world. Both major and minor leagues consist of teams of which you may never know how some perform. Also, the team’s current form would make it difficult to predict the game’s outcome.
  • Football is also very unpredictable. Today, a high ranked team will win a game then it will lose the next one to a low-ranked squad. This could be devastating to many people especially if you hoped to make money with such a team.

Betting is confusing at times

  • For those who have been betting for a longer time, you understand that the more bets you have, the better your chance of getting more money. However, the problem with multi bets is that it may be difficult to know the best combination to take to guarantee you a sure win.
  • Peer pressure can also be misleading. Friends who bet as well can mislead you into placing a wrong bet. Therefore, you end up losing potential profits that could have won you some good amount of money.
  • Games from minor leagues bring a lot of confusion to people. This is because the teams are unknown to many football fans. Thus, it makes it impossible to make any predictions on those teams.

FootyBetter Extra Introduction

FootyBetter Extra

Nowadays, betting is becoming more accessible because we have betting systems like FootyBetter that help football lovers make profitable decisions when making a bet.

This betting website provides users with various resources such as football tips, betting articles, betting systems, and pro football tips. All these resources are free to anyone.

Who owns the product?

Mark Hughes.

In the website, he states that he uses his knowledge and love in football to come up with a comprehensive list of teams that could help you take some good cash home after a game.

He also uses non-complex concepts that everyone can understand. He also states that the teams that he compiles in the PDF resources that he provides consist of years of preparation and analysis.

The FootyBetter Extra boasts of a strike rate of 83%. This means that most of their predictions are accurate.

Resources within this System

This football system provides many resources that bettors can use when they want to place their bets. Let us look at the different resources you will come across:

A snippet of some of the tips within FootyBetter Extra

1. Free Football Tips

The platform’s primary purpose is to provide tips to users that other betting systems rarely offer. The product trusts its own experience of years of analyzing, both statistically and instinctively.

Once you subscribe to the service, you will receive an email from the company on every single Friday. This email consists of various teams that have a higher possibility of making you more money. Mark will combine a list of 33 teams that you can place your bet on. You will have enough information about the games and the reason for putting a chance on them.

He also includes reasons to put your money into the game. In his analysis, he will explain to you some of the factors that could affect the outcome of the game. For instance, the weather, the substitutes, the squad in that game and other factors like injuries, and the team’s game plan.

He will also advise you on experiments that you can make before you place an actual bet on the game. Experiment betting assists you to take risks with caution. It protects your money from instant loss and shows you how to place a bet that you can afford.

Some of the tips that you will receive include the best teams that are safe for placing a 1.5 or a 2.5 bet, and teams that have a possibility of converting by the halftime mark.

2. Betting articles

FootyBetter Articles

While you review the website, you will notice that the author of the site includes various articles that help you gamble better.

You will find this to be crucial as you will be given reviews from different leagues in the world. The articles explain to users about the different tips that worked, team information and statistics, players, and various leagues.

3. Football Accumulator Tips

In betting, every punter owns its strategy of placing bets. You can either make a low-risk bet, a medium risk bet and a high-risk bet. The FootyBetter Extra accumulators boast of years of successful betting and tipping using the system for several years.

Every Saturday and Sunday, subscribers will receive six football accumulator bets. This will depend on how low or high you want to place your bet. As you receive the tips, you have an assurance of getting profits throughout the year.

The system will also help the punter calculate the profits from their odds.

4. Bonus PDFs

As part of the package, FootyBetter extra provides PDFs that contain information about teams that can provide the type of bet that you prefer.

  • Over 2.5 Goals Teams PDF

In this booklet, it will show a list of 33 teams. These teams have a high probability of attaining an over 2.5 goal score.

  • Half Time Winners PDF

Halftime goal markets display a list of 32 teams that will win the game by the halftime mark.

  • Future PDFs

Once you pay for the subscription, you will also have access to many other services that the product includes in the future.


FootyBetter Subscription Rates

The punter has a choice for an annual or a monthly subscription. He or she will have access to the various resources on the website. On the other hand, betting articles and tips are free; hence, you do not have to pay for them.

Why do I think this is a trusted Product?

  • High Strike Rate

On reviewing the website, you will notice that their strike rates increase from when they started their services. A higher strike rate means that you can trust their tips even when you make a risky bet.

  • Risk Levels

Bettors do not have to put more money than they can afford. Mark divides all the risk levels into three categories, which gives the user the liberty to make a profitable choice.

  • Affordable Rates

You do not have to keep paying for the service repeatedly. It can be annoying to users. Once you subscribe to their services, you will access various resources. Remember you can choose between monthly or annual subscription.

  • Essential articles

Before anyone decides to place a bet, you have to research first. With the numerous articles on the site, you can access articles that can help you make the right decision. These articles include all the information you need before your research.

  • Not a get rich quick scheme

One crucial factor that all punters need to know is that you have to be responsible when betting. The site encourages this critically because they know that most will just sink in the thought that betting through this site will make them productive within a day. No.

FootyBetter is not a Get rich quick scheme

You have to bet consistently so that you will have accumulated a good amount of profits at the end of the year.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Not many people will appreciate all the resources and services that this platform offers. Therefore, if you happen to get dissatisfied, you have a 60-day timeframe to walk out of your subscription. You will not receive any other emails or material from the system.

Final Thoughts

It will take time, even years, for any punter to learn successful betting. Instead, I think it would be wise if you seek help from FootyBetter Extra.

FootyBetter is a product made out of experience

With their years of experience in analyzing teams, then you have a higher chance of making profits. You also have access to analysis to both major and minor leagues around the world.

Bettors should learn how to gamble responsibly. The author of this product highlights this in his review.

Nonetheless, this is a recommended product.

Learn more about FootyBetter, and make higher probability bets starting today. Click this link to get this proven system, and increase your profits!


  1. I no longer believe that in losing a bet. Actually, when i hear people talk of how they keep on losing in bets i a surprised. I have been using the footybetter extra for a long time now and i believe it is the best. I make a lot from betting and this is excellent.

  2. Today we are proud to announce to you our profitable tipping service – FootyBetter Extra.

    FootyBetter Extra is a continuation of our popular 2 free tips feature and it uses the exact same tipping methods used to produce the very successful 2 free tips.

    And even better for FootyBetter Extra subscribers, we always provide you with the matches with the best paying odds, which means FootyBetter subscribers make the best profits!

  3. Sharon Morin

    Footy Better Extra is a football tipster service that offers around 20 or more selections a month and boasts strike rates of 80% and above each month. From what we can gather the tips can vary in what league and market and are usually very short odds and are all based on a £10 stake.

  4. I believe this is the best betting tipster program ever. And this is due to how well it works. I never thought i could get a system this good and efficient. I like it.

  5. Janice Barnette

    Everything that you find in this program is pretty simple and you will easily understand the various complexities that come with betting on football. The advice that you get from this program will help you transform your betting life in football.

  6. I will say that ti am surprised and happy at the same time. I have never come across such a product for the time i have been betting.

  7. The service is easy to follow, takes up very little time, has an average strike rate of over 80% and is excellent value for money. There is room for improvement and it is not going to make you rich, but as a steady bank builder, it does that job.

  8. Jean Maynard

    Great Content- the program is simple as all you will be required to do is just make sure that you get the tips that will be delivered to your phone or computer.

  9. Margaret Schroeder

    You will need to make sure that you have all the statistics that you need so that you can know how you will make the money. They will give you ways of knowing when you want to bet on something and why.

  10. You will have an easy time just waiting for this to be a win or something else. Mostly wins is what you get but long story short, this is easy to do.

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