Goal profits review.

Football has been shifting from betting to a professional trading business. The main reason for this is that bookmakers have been trimming profit and restraining profit making accounts. To be concise football trading is the act of changing positions in play so that you either stay put in a certain profit range or change position to manage a loss.

Every minute in the game can be used to control a loss or lock in profit. During a play there are chances of a win, draws, lose. These scenarios are unpredictable but having some history data helps in making the right decision. There is an excellent strategy to manage such as goal profits

To determine how to maintain or change your position in the game you need to have very high analytical review capabilities. You need to determine the strength of the teams depending on ball retention, shots on target, penalties, yellow cards and any frequency of fouls being observed in the game.

Betting is a tricky affair, and a majority of the people will tell you that it relies heavily on luck. To some extent, betting relies on luck. Football trading is a more advanced form of football betting.  Thus, contrary to betting football trading is largely based on empirical evidence gathered from a number of reviews.

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You have to handle it like an investment and do your due diligence research to get some facts about the betting affair you are getting into. This involves doing an analysis of the past matches and taking all the variances into consideration.

The majority of the people who get into football trading without an agency lose their money. This is not to mean that if you use an agent, you won’t lose money, there is a pretty high probability you will lose money, but not as much as you could lose were you doing it the lone way especially while starting out.

With the best statistics and knowledge you can become a serial winner. Everything under the sun only requires experience. With experience, you will be able to know all the hurdles in the game and how to overcome them. These are all the mysteries goal profit is there to solve. As you continue reading the review you will discover more.

With goal profits, you will be on your way to financial freedom and make the second stream of cash flows in a matter of days. This, however, should not be confused to a get rich scheme. Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick have invested so much of their time and resources to come up with the system.

The more time it takes to set up a system, it directly translates that you will also need to spend much time learning the system. That is why one of the big virtues of them is patience. You have to be patient enough and learn the ropes of the trade.

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Betting has been around since time immemorial, but the new wave of the betting industry with Betfair and football trading is current. The company makes football betting very friendly. They even pay you a bonus after placing your first $10 bet. They triple it, and thus you get $30.

Once you start trading, you only pay commissions on what you win and in case you lose, you don’t pay any commission to Betfair. It is the world largest online and offline betting company. Placing and winning a bet while relying on mere luck is almost like going on a journey without enough money to spend.

Goal profits is designed to take away all those uncertainties associated with betting and online trading regarding football matches.  You will get everything required to make you a professional punter who make profits over and over again.

Many reviews and programs will hype their achievements, but their main goal is to scam you, join their system and when you realize no gains are being made, you leave their platform without your money. It’s gone and lost forever.

Many systems being used by many bookies are mathematically programmed to run for only a certain season and then after such a season is over, they might be a big risk to rely on for your betting. Failure to select your trading bookmaker correctly can make all the difference between getting rich or extremely poor.

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Contrary to those, goal profit will give you 7 days to try their strategies, and in case during that period you realize that you are not getting the value of your money you ask for a 100% money back refund.

Who are the minds behind the goal profit program?

Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick

Just like many football fans, these two also once thought that the general knowledge they had about football would enable them to make money through bet-fair. This was far from reality. Worse still they were doing betting as a hobby and never accorded it the full attention it would require as a profession.

After a series of mistakes and draining their accounts from losses they were determined to devise something that could reduce the bruises from betting. They had in mind a system which would be;

  • Profitable to as many users as possible;
  • A fully educational system to help in decision making by providing real knowledge rather than hints and tips.
  • A simple to understand the system that uses the latest technology to leverage on the market. They committed their resources and eventually came up with a system with the exact features as they are liable online.

The program has grown over time, won prizes and awards. It has been named as the most reliable football trading service available.


A system with a support system that is focused on specific games and in their case was football.

The values you will gain by buying membership of this program are immensely great;

  • You will access football strategies which have been proved to work by the world’s best ball maniacs. They take your money with the seriousness it deserves and will do everything to ensure you are a winner. Even if it means giving you the most guarded secrets of the trade. You will access 28 world winning strategies full of successful formulae.
  • Even if you are a complete newbie to the trade, you will be guided through until you become a professional. Nevertheless, if you are already a participant in the market but making a profit has been a nightmare, the program will teach you how to reorganize your strategies and optimize them for a profit.
  • You will have the best tools of the trade to make your beta success. The 26 weeks training is meant to ensure that you gain all the insights which you require to be a confident trader.
  • You will learn how you can trade all year round by placing bets on various sports by using the least amount of capital. There are always matches going on all over the world, and all those are opportunities to make money.
  • It delivers what it says to do. There are no hidden charges, unwarranted commissions or just empty promises. It’s a total value for your money.
  • You will gain access to a chat room where members learn from each other. The most experienced will trade on their bets while you watch. Mentors will also guide you the process to follow in order to avoid simple pitfalls.
  • The tools you will access are meant to save you time and gain access to more matches. Just, in any case, you experience any trouble, the customer support is excellent with live chats available and even emails.
  • You will achieve your dreams in life within the shortest time possible as making money is almost a guarantee with the kind of tools you will be using and the kind of customer service you will get.
  • You will gain access to the top world professionals who have made it through in their lives through football trading. Steve and Kevin will also be there to hold your hand.
  • You will learn football trading strategies that work and under what conditions.

Some critical factors which determine whether you win or lose your money;

The major determinants of whether you lose or win are time decay and the goals. As time elapses, the fewer the options you have on whether to exit or stay in the game. A goal is the actual game changer and reversing its effect is not easy.

However, in order to prosper in football trading, you have to be principled and not allow the moods of losing affect your other strategies in other games.

Proper evaluation of the entry point for the bet and the amount you are willing to risk depending on the chances you have of winning.


These are the actual things you will learn when you join the site.

Know when to exit in the game. If at all, during the game in progress you match any of your bets, be bold enough to exit. Don’t try to press too far in order to win big. Anything can happen and does happen. It would be a very disappointing experience losing what you had already won. Cash out as fast as possible and do not allow your love for more money to take over your emotions.

Stop loss.

If during the game you feel that you did something wrong and the system or current situation is working against you, you can close or cancel the bet. This will come at a small fee. Just like while traveling, travel tickets are issued with a refund policy of 90% if you decide to cancel your journey. The same concept applies here to control losses.

Learn to accept losses.

Being unable to swallow the bitter pill of losing a game and consequently your money makes you have an unstable state of mind. In such a state, you cannot be able to make a rational decision, and this can land you into another loss.

The understanding of market moves.

Football trading offers you a chance to initiate or close your bet anytime when you feel safe. In most of the cases making these decisions is one of the hardest things to do.  The advantages of goal profits is that they analyze the situations for you and through their mentors, you can get direct counsel

Many factors determine the outcomes of the game and the next step to take.

If your favorite team is not peaking as you expected in terms of oppressing the underdog, then you will probably lose if you don’t take a decision faster.

Football Gameplay

If your opponent scores a goal against your favorite team, the best option is to quit and lose around 50%. However, this depends on which team is strong.

The late drift strategy.

If the team you are supporting is dominating the pitch and suddenly becomes oppressed, and even a goal against your team is scored. You can opt out and lose 50 % as opposed to a situation whereby there would be no goals; in such a situation you would lose 10 – 15% of your stake.

The best candidate for goal profit program is;

  • One who has been looking for a proven formula to make a constant monthly income from football.
  • One who lacks all the resources required for successful football trading.
  • The one who is not contented with his income and would like to supplement it using the second income
  • One who is looking for a chance to quit your day time job and still maintain your life.

However this is not for you if;

  • You are the type of people who look for getting rich quick schemes.
  • You cannot exercise personal control during trading in order to build a portfolio.
  • You don’t have the heart to wait for anything, and you can almost eat uncooked food due to hurry.
  • You expect to move up the ladder without a single trip.
  • If you are not decided, these frequently asked questions will give more insight to help you make decisions.

What are the pre-requisites before I start using the system?

The system is easy to use, and you only require a Betfair account, the will to learn, the patience to select your trade options and the flexibility to adjust in case any situation requires so.

How much is the starting capital?

It is desirable to begin out with a capital of $1000, but even $500 will offer a good start. The logic behind the higher starting capital is that it will reduce the pressure on you since you will be able to spread out your risks.

What content is in the package?

The goal profit has the following packages;

  • Lay the draw strategies
  • Matrix systems
  • Correct score strategy.
  • You will have 28 strategies at your disposal for trading.

Do you take any portion of my winnings?

Nothing will be taken from your winning bets. The only amount payable to goal profit is the subscription amount.

How much can I make?

This is a subjective question, and it all depends on the level of commitment regarding capital and the time you decide to put in the trade. No specific amount can be determined in advance but the statistics accumulated over time by the goal profits team are showing that the majority of the members are achieving their dreams of becoming professional traders.

Can a novice start out with you?

The strategies are designed in a progressive way so that the more time you spend on the system, the more the experience, you will gain.

Are there people who have quit their jobs to do this full time?

The answer is yes there are quite some full-time traders who have taken this as a profession, and much more are on the verge of giving up their jobs to become professional traders.

Football Party

Is goal profit a scam?

The system has been voted as the best for the year 2014 and 2016 as well as the best product for the same years and also in 2015.

It’s a subscription site with an online support system. The fact that there is an exchange of information daily with its customers boosts their authenticity. Any scam system ensures that the link between the scammer and the final client is very weak or non-existent.

Since the link here is smooth, we can say it is a safe project to undertake. Bearing in mind it is an online system where you require the login details; the very best money back guarantee policy has been put to recent one week on any payment.

Final verdict

Football trading without the guidance of the market professionals can be a losing affair. Getting into football trading without the tools of the trade is hard to crack a nut. As you have seen above, goal profits system helps you take away all these in a simple way. Just buy their subscriptions, and you will receive the best guidance ever. Making money will almost be guaranteed.

As a rule of business where the market is highly volatile, don’t ever roll out a sum of money you cannot afford to lose.

Click to get Goal Profits and you’ll be making profitable winning bets based on real sports data and a system that works!


  1. Royce T. Rosales

    Thanks for the guidance! I now realize that football trading is much more profitable than betting. Looking forward to join the community.

  2. Sometimes we venture into businesses that never give returns. It is not that they are bad but it is because we do not have enough knowledge around that area. So when you are pointed to something like this, there are very high chances of making good returns at the end. Thank you

  3. Stephen Granger

    I love football and betting on it, so the decision to buy this system was very logical for me. And it worked, it really did. I’m still learning a lot about betting, stacking profit and looking forward to every new day.

  4. Pedro Baggs

    This is serious business for serious people. If you have the patience and will to execute the plan provided in this program, you will see the value of it.

  5. Knowledge is power when you want to get in and out of the markets. Breaking down first-half goals and expected goals is vital before opening an early trade on over 1.5 or 2.5 goals.

  6. Salvador Murphy

    It is important to remember that there is a lot to learning. Of course, some people pick it up faster than others. However, you should definitely plan to spend some time on the training at the beginning.

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