How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.
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You could be in the transportation business and be looking to diversify your service offerings or you could be an NEMT provider who has been struggling to grow their business and are looking for tips and strategies. You might also be an entrepreneur like the writer of the book under review who is looking to build a successful company. Maybe you’re a caregiver who has experienced first hand the challenges of non-medical transportation. You might even be an actual NEMT user who wants to improve the services in your area.

This book promises to have something for all of you so you have come to the right place.

The title of the book is How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company. The book is designed to introduce you to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) sector. Not only will you get an introduction to this particular service and industry as a whole, but you will also get a walk through what you should do to become a service provider and build a successful business.

First, let us start by taking a look at what makes the information in this book timely and extremely valuable according to its author.

Growing Market for NEMT

If you want financial security and the satisfaction of solving a growing real-world challenge, build an NEMT company. Listed below are two factors that reviews show support this business being a great investment.

1. Growing Elderly Population

Elderly, Care

The elderly population is expected to double in size, ten years from now. Subsequently, the healthcare industry is growing to meet this demand. As people age, they lose the ability to perform functions such as driving, safely. Perfectly suited to meet these needs are the services you will learn how to provide through NEMT.

2. Increased Medical Care Costs

Medical Care

A cost and benefit analysis was done on NEMT has revealed that “approximately 3.6 million” Americans have either been delayed or missed their medical appointments. Of this number, “almost a million are children.” They point to transport challenges as the main culprit.

Consequently, since transport is a challenge, many people opt to skip out on preventative care. Conditions then are being diagnosed at a later stage thereby requiring greater medical intervention. The result is an increase in the cost of medical care. This burden is carried not just but by the patient but by the economy as a whole.

The above facts confirm that there is a growing market for this service so the book is definitely on the right track. Let’s check it out in detail.

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How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company is a 320-page e-book. The book is designed to help you set up and run a successful non-emergency medical transportation company. 

Joel Davis is the author of the book. Davis is an entrepreneur. He is also the owner of an NEMT business. That business was started in 1999. He was encouraged to put this book together after achieving great success in his own business. He’s made the mistakes so that you won’t have to.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Disabled person

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation refers to transportation services provided to individuals in non-emergency situations.

What is a Non-Emergency Situation

Situations that fall under the classification of non-emergency are those with the following two characteristics.

  • There is no immediate threat to the health or life of the individual in need of  service, and
  • No life support elements are required during the duration of the journey.

Examples of Non-emergency Situations 

  • Routine Medical appointments.
  • Pharmacy visits to fill and pick up prescriptions.
  • Urgent care visits for routine care.
  • Hospital visits for routine care.
  • Going to school.

The book is made up of eleven chapters.

  1. Introduction
  2. Research & Development
  3. Vehicles & Equipment
  4. Maintenance
  5. Communication & Dispatch
  6. Training & Preparing Your Team for Success
  7. Accounting
  8. Keeping the Books 101
  9. Forming Your Company
  10. Establishing an Effective Culture
  11. Final Thoughts

Summary of the Chapters

The first chapter contains an overview of NEMT from both a general and a business owner point of view. Emphasis is placed on building a business. Not getting a nine to five job.

The second chapter includes among others, information on regulations and logistics. Do’s and don’ts. Clientele and how to establish your business’s service rate.

Chapters three and four mainly deal with the vehicles and equipment you will need. Where to find them and how to take care of them to ensure uninterrupted service.

Chapters five and six cover training of staff for optimal business performance and operations management. This includes items such as policies and procedures, scheduling and incident/accident reporting. This is a crucial chapter for your success.

A business must make money to be successful. Financial management and general accounting requirements are covered in chapters seven and eight.

Chapters nine and ten covers how to form an NEMT business and create a culture that will promote successful continuous growth.

Chapter eleven is a wrap of the book’s information. It also includes Joel’s final thoughts on building your company.

Medical Transport

Additional Bonus Items

Your purchase includes four books as bonus items.

A New Opportunity for Additional Revenue

To make money in the transportation sector, vehicles must always be on the move. The strategies revealed in this book will teach you how to keep your vehicles in constant motion.

Secret Strategies for Financial Success & Independence

Businesses that know how to manage the numbers are businesses that will always be successful. This book will teach you how to manage the numbers and gain financial independence. Additionally, this book will teach you how to grow your business without incurring crippling debt.

Transportation Industry Road Map

Industry knowledge is invaluable. One important tip you will get from this book is how to pick your transportation market. That knowledge will save you from entering an already saturated market.

Shock Report

Definitely not the most igneous name for a book. Ignore the title but definitely, read the book. This book is filled with insider tips about the transportation industry that are sure to give you a leg up.

The surefire way to get an advantage in an industry you’re trying to break into is to read all about it. So, regardless of which book you choose to read first, just make sure to read them all.


  • You do not require prior medical knowledge to run this business.
  • Well researched and clearly stated information.
  • A successful NEMT business owner wrote the book.
  • Learn how to target niche segments of the NEMT industry e.g., private-pay clients, Medicaid/brokers, workers compensation insurance, student, hospitals, etc.
  • Support is available for assistance.


I find no real cons to this book.

Joel makes no attempt to hide the fact that you have to work to make your company a success. You will not be able to rely solely on the book to do that.


If products or services does not solve a real problem or need in the community, the business will fail. In the event that a business finds themselves solving a real problem or need, they might that it is only temporary in nature.

Additionally, business owners who lack sufficient knowledge not only of the service or product they offer but on the industry as a whole can lead to the failure of that business.

Reviews show that this manual presents a solution to both problems. Not only does it identify a great market that is experiencing a real problem. It also describes at length how and what to do to enable you to build a successful business that solves that problem.

There is a market for your services. This manual, however, is not going to hand you the keys to the kingdom. You have to commit to putting in the time and effort required.

A lot of knowledge is provided in the book and also in the bonus items. However, the power of knowledge lies in what you do with it. Not in having it. Many have used the knowledge and succeeded. Buy this book and you can add yourself to the growing list.

Final Sentiments

In conclusion, let me leave you with a quote from the great Zig Ziglar. “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 

This manual provides a comprehensive collection of how to get people what they want and make money doing it. Consequently, the money you make will allow you to have everything you want. That is a win-win in my book. End your search for a viable business model today. Click the link below. Improve your community and your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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1. You do not require prior medical knowledge to run this business.
2. Well researched and clearly stated information.
3. A successful NEMT business owner wrote the book.
4. Learn how to target niche segments of the NEMT industry e.g., private-pay clients, Medicaid/brokers, workers compensation insurance, student, hospitals, etc.
5. Support is available for assistance.



Summary: A comprehensive presentation of what is required to set up and run a successful Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company. This is a must have for any potential NEMT investor.

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