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Hey there, entrepreneurial spirit. If you are reading reviews about Kmoney mastery, most likely you are one step away of getting access to an amazing world of making passive income and enjoy your life.

I remember when I started reading through my Kindle and decided to give a shot to independent, or not famous authors, and I would see books being sold for as little as 1 dollar, I couldn’t believe it.

After I fell in love with a sci-fi series and knew it was written by a regular guy in his house, I thought to myself: “You can do this”

I decided it was time for me to write and develop my own stories and maybe publish them on Kindle. But, before worrying about publishing, I needed to have a book, so I got to writing.



I had read some books on writing, researched a little on how to overcome mental blocks, set up a space that would make working easier, etc. After my research was done I got myself to work. The goal was to write for around 90 minutes a day, no more.

That would be the equivalent of around 2500 words per day, so in ten days I had almost thirty thousand words written.

I did go with this for 2 weeks, but it was so frustrating and exhausting. I kept going back to check the outline, I was not happy with my story and narration. It was not the best experience.

I wouldn’t give up

Out of the many things I tried to be better at writing, these left a mark on me:

  • Creative writing camps
  • Speed typing courses
  • Tutorials on creative writing

I was investing a lot of money learning how to write because I refused to accept that writing was not for me.

My skills were actually developed and I became better and better in writing and making sense of structure, etc. But I was not able to finish even small tales. I was so engaged with delivering the next Harry Potter, I couldn’t allow myself to make mistakes.

Because I was so tangled on delivering perfection, I couldn’t really do much.

Frustration building up


My mind was set on publishing a book on Kindle and sell it, see how well did it go. I figured that if people spent so much time and effort writing a book, sell it for as little as 1 dollar, and still keep publishing, it meant that they were making profits by volume. I just needed to find a way.

It came to my mind to keep reading, analyzing the books, and try to crack the code. So, I continue reading, and trying to make sense out of the distribution of the content, and what was the “secret” to a successful Kindle book.

Getting insider information

My best friend met a German guy who had published a Kindle book about his life, a total unknown human being, and he was making pretty good money. So, I got in touch with this guy and had the most eye-opening conversation in my life.

When I met the guy who published, I was telling him about my intention to make money. I didn’t really want to become a writer, I just wanted to take advantage of the Kindle platform to make money.

I remember he had a broad smile on his face and broke it down to me.

Most people on Kindle don’t write themselves, they hire ghostwriters that charge them so little to write the books, it is crazy. I couldn’t believe I was learning this information.

He mentioned some websites to find freelancers that would do ghostwriting and I got to making sense of it all.

The Kindle market

Amazon has created an amazing platform with Kindle. Much like with music, where you don’t need a huge label deal to be successful now, with Kindle we have a chance to publish our own material, manage ourselves, and get fame in a niche.

The possibilities are endless, I would later learn. Especially if you:

  • Are willing to write for a niche
  • Are open to ghostwriters
  • Know about Kindle marketing
  • Know where to get good freelancers

Where to start

After so much research on different blogs and websites, I found out that most of them are luring you to a scam. With so many affiliate programs, or trying to force you to jump into their programs or clubs.

They disguise as communities of authors, but in reality, it’s all a marketing scheme. It was all eerie, I didn’t know where to start.

I would either find these weird schemes, or websites of people who actually wrote everything themselves, and I had already decided that path was not for me.

Kmoney Mastery


I stumbled with the program by James Pylarinos, a guy who has amassed a steady passive income through many publications in Kindle but doesn’t really write himself.

While reading through the website, I found his honesty so reassuring, and also the fact that we had similar objectives: I didn’t really want to be the new big hit, I wanted to make money, and selling eBook seemed like a good way to go.

I decided to buy the book, if I didn’t like it I could always ask for my money back. Got it immediately in my inbox, and downloaded the PDF.

I found that:

  • The eBook is easy to read and follow
  • James makes it very simple
  • There is no much lingo or complicated terms
  • It covered everything I needed to know

The eBook is so complete, it goes from coming up with a concept and finding a niche, to marketing, and finally all the legalities of having a company, paying taxes, even outside the USA. Crazy detailed, James.

Start using the vast resources of K Money Mastery today by clicking this link, and after following the advice contained inside you’ll soon be able to run your own Kindle publishing empire!

Starting from the beginning


One of the best things was that James explains thoroughly how ghostwriters work. How to provide clear instructions, make sure that you get the job done, all the rights get passed to you, and you will never get into any sort of legal issue with any of your writers.

Once the book is done, James takes us to create a great cover that will move people to push the “buy” button, and how to write SEO optimized descriptions that will make our books stand out.

The first thing is finding your niche. It has to be profitable, yes, but it also has to be a group of people that you actually will enjoy catering to. You can either choose the one that you find the most interest or those the book recommends.

Once the book is done, as you continue reading your eBook. James guides you through the marketing process:

  • Cover
  • Title
  • SEO description
  • Making it relevant
  • Publicity outside Kindle

Step by step, every point is covered, not only with explanations, but also with practical examples, websites to go and find capable people to do it for you, and other resources.

One thing that helped me a lot was the fact that James, in his PDF, points you in the direction of capable people that can do this for you, for very little money, no hassle.

I’ll make it short: If you are smart enough, or follow Kmoney Mastery, you can do have a ready to publish and market book.

Making profits


K Money Mastery Review 2


Having a buyer’s account on Amazon is easy, opening a Kindle author account is different. Again, don’t worry about getting lost, you will find every answer in this book.

How to correctly set up from the beginning according to your needs and goals with writing and publishing.

How to set up your company (pretty easy and fast, even for non-US citizens), With this, you can start managing profits, taxes, and all the financial things that come from publishing. James gives you ways to deal with this in an easy manner. I was afraid of dealing with my taxes, not anymore.

Amazon gives you many tools to publicize your book and make profits from it, but you don’t need to research what’s best for you. In the eBook, you will find all the information on how to handle everything Amazon related, so you set up faster than most people and can get to publishing immediately.

This is no magic formula

One important thing to mention is that there is no magic formulas or standardized processes. But there are many things that have proven success repeatedly.

Instead of you having to go through research, trial, and error, and take 5 years to learn how to finally create and publish an eBook that does generate money for you. James puts everything into his PDF guide, so you can get immediately into it.

You can get ghostwriters for as little as 100 USD per book, or cover designers for as little as 5 USD per cover. So, investing 150 USD you can have a book that has your name on it, and it’s ready to be marketed.

How do I know this? Reading this guide and checking the websites he recommended. I found everything I needed, and places to get started.

It was very easy for me to start conservative with my investment and then just upscale the same processes, with better providers.

I did have to tweak stuff to match my niche’s criteria, but for the most part. The “Production” process is basically the same and can be followed without much problem.



My story, compared to other reviews, doesn’t seem as successful, but it’s because I haven’t really dedicated much time into it. However, if you really get into publishing, with Kmoney mastery I found that:

  • Having a passive income is possible
  • People do buy enjoy these books
  • I didn’t have to be an exporter marketer
  • I learned how to deal with bad reviews

Bad reviews can cause the demise of your book if you don’t deal with them correctly. Being able to stir the direction of the conflict towards resolution, instead of ignoring or reacting to a bad comment, is the ability that will keep your business onboard.

James touches on this point as well to secure that we won’t have to struggle.

By the first month, I did around 50 USD, by the third month, my books were earning around 400 USD a month. I just kept repeating the formula and making more money.

The joy of independence

Many of the systems I found online, different from Kmoney mastery, invited me to subscribe to their program.

It sounded very reasonable, but I wondered why would I want to be continuously attached to any program or a particular approach. What if I wanted to tackle things in a different way.

Kmoney Master is a great training program for those of us who really want to make money through Kindle.

To the point that, as you go on with the guide, and follow it two or three times, all the processes become second nature.

You don’t have to be dependent on anything or anyone, nor be subscribed to months of contracts. Rather, you learn the process yourself, you take control, and learn how to do it automatically.

To a point where I only go back to read the guide only when I want to improve my game or check certain specific information.

With a very repetitive process, I was publishing names under my name, and making money.

Get started


All you have to do is decide, buy the guide, and get to it. You can read other reviews, get more information. You are already here, it’s for a reason.

There are many ways to make money online. If publishing is the way you want to go, this guide contains everything, step by step, detailed explanations, on how to start.

Is this for me?

If you:

  • Are more the creative type
  • Have more head for writing than business
  • Want to star on big publishing groups

Then maybe this won’t help you much, but if you:

  • Like making business
  • Are no expert writer
  • Can’t sit down for 6 months to write a book

Then maybe this will help you more. Also, if you are a balance between writing and business mind, then this will be PERFECT for you.

You will be able to produce your books, publish them, and take care of everything around them the whole time. Without compromising your creativity and principles, but still adhering to a profitable process that caters to profitable niches.

But if you are not the writing type. You can pay a freelancer, you get your book in less than a month, in the meantime, you take care of the marketing side, and then, you have something ready to publish and start making profits.

I couldn’t believe it was so simple.


• The book is not only written and based on publishing but it helps the reader understand of numerous entrepreneurial skills that are important in life.

• This is a program that is designed and produced by a person who has earned a lot of money from Kindle publishing. This assures you of proven means and techniques of making a lot out of the business.


• To some people it might take time to understand how to implement the techniques provided in the guide.

• It requires patience before you can start earning huge amounts.

Final thoughts


In the world of making money online, many processes exist that can help you with making profits online.

Selling a book is no different than selling any other product.

  1. You have a product
  2. You find people who might be interested
  3. You offer it to them
  4. Someone will buy

Think of it this way: There are hundreds of millions of people online, is it really that impossible to sell to 1000?

Well, it is not, and James is here to prove it to us. You can have access to a profitable market from all over the world, that will enjoy your books, as long as you cater well to the niche.

One of the main advice is: “Aim to your tribe, people you can relate to”. Then, when you are designing and outlining the book, you can actually know if this is something that your target market will buy because you need to know if this is something that you will buy.

If you are more on the business part and see more profits on niches different from yours, it’s OK to expand. Just don’t count yourself as a criterion to know if this book will be sold or not.

But don’t listen to me. Get to other reviews, or if you are ready, buy the book, start publishing, and start making some money!

Good luck!


K Money Mastery Review 3

Start making big money, automate your Kindle publishing business, and have it all running even when you’re sleeping by getting K Money Mastery here!


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