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Worried about finding the best and profitable keywords to rank for your SEO or internet marketing? Then you do not need to look any further than Long Tail Pro’s step by step system that is designed to discover thousands of profitable keywords.

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This is a must-have tool for SEO keyword research tool since it can help to increase the volume of traffic to your website.

What really is Long Tail Pro?  

This is a powerful cloud application that uses the Google Keyword Research Tool to pull data about certain keywords desired by the user at a specific period. As noted, it operates in the cloud implying that it is accessed from the internet.

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It should be noted that this service is not absolutely free. Users should be prepared to pay some money in order to access the site which offers this facility.

In actual fact, the application is specifically designed such that it allows you to create a list of keywords which are highly relevant in an efficient and effective manner within a very short period of time.

Long Tail Pro Review

This facility also allows you to analyze each particular keyword on the basis of its search volume or the competition metric it also utilizes. There are different pricing and plans for the services offered.

As an enterprising internet marketer, you can choose to buy a product that is suitable for your needs.

Interestingly, a glance at different reviews provided by the users of this particular service indicates that it has superior quality and low price. What a fabulous combination?

Different people can utilize this facility since it helps them to easily search for information about particular keywords they desire at any given time. The internet is a resourceful tool in marketing a variety of goods and services.

When consumers want to buy particular goods and services, they should be able to obtain vital information about the desired items. However, information about these services needs to be neatly arranged such that it can be easy for the clients to access it at their convenience. Thus, internet marketers should always bear in mind that clients have no time to read long and winding articles.

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When consumers want to buy particular goods and services, they should be able to obtain vital information about the desired items.

However, information about these services needs to be neatly arranged such that it can be easy for the clients to access it at their convenience.

Thus, internet marketers should always bear in mind that clients have no time to read long and winding articles.

Reasons why Long Tail Pro is important for your SEO business

During the contemporary period, it can be seen that the internet has revolutionized the business landscape in various ways. For instance, people use the internet to search for information about different products they may be interested in buying.


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However, it can be noted that large volumes of information are posted on the internet daily. In order to avoid scams, clients need to obtain powerful articles with credible keywords.This makes it tiresome to search for the information you really want.

The above-mentioned product becomes very convenient in such circumstances. It is comprised of a step-by-step system that is designed to discover thousands of profitable and targeted keywords.The other issue is that creating an effective website that will attract customers is quite a challenging feat.

The main reason behind this assertion is that the blogging industry is also comprised of other competitive forces also striving to attract the same clients.

An application that enhances easy keyword identification is ideal for the purpose of blogging.This facility is also important for your business since also enhances the calculation of keyword competitiveness for various niches.

It is imperative to narrow your search area in order to get the best results. Essentially, this is the main purpose of utilizing search engine optimization systems is to drive traffic to a particular site.

Key features of the product: Keyword Competition Metric

  1. This is probably the best feature of Long Tail Pro by virtue of its ability to determine the level of difficulty posed by a particular keyword. The keyword competitiveness (KC) metric automatically calculates a simple score from 0-100 using the algorithm that is tested constantly.
  2. The score specifically helps to bring everything together in terms of numbers such that you can target what you really want without bothering yourself by going through the rest.
  3. When the results have been produced, keywords can be ranked from 1 being the easiest and 100 representing extremely difficult keywords.
  4.  This effectively means that low scores in the range of 10 to 25 are competitive and ideal especially for websites that have been recently established. Scores above this range to 40 are ideal for well-established websites.

Golden Gears with Keywords Research

How is the keyword competition metric calculated? The following metrics are considered in the calculation of the keyword competitiveness.

  • URL
  • Title
  • Page Authority
  • Page Links
  • Juicing Page
  • Domain Authority
  • Moz Rank
  • Page Rank
  • Site Age

These metrics are essential since they prove the authenticity of the test. Data is obtained from credible sources that can be easily traced so as to minimize chances of scams. The main problem with a scam is that it lacks credibility and is often based on biased data that is specifically meant to wood-wink the users.

Keyword Research Feature

In order to create keywords using this application, you need to add at least one or two seed keywords. Then after you simply need to click generate and relax while the keywords are being generated automatically.



Seed keywords can obtain from different sources and the generation process usually takes between one minute and three minutes. Quite a simple process with handsome results that are profitable to those involved in blogging or website development business.

Rank Checker Feature

Individuals who are involved in SEO need to understand the significance of rankings of their websites’ keywords to see if they are moving within the desired path.

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The Long Tail Pro offers this feature which enables the user to simply input the domain, keyword, and country in which they want to check the ranks.This is followed by simply clicking check rank and all the information is displayed.

This is followed by simply clicking check rank and all the information is displayed.

This helps the user to gain insight into their operations as well as an understanding of the measures that can be taken to improve their performance.

How does it work?

With the above-mentioned product, there are quite a number of things that you can do as a result of its specially designed features meant to give you great experience in your keyword searches. These include the following:

Score Keyword Competitiveness

The Keyword Competitiveness score can be used to rank difficult words, especially in the Google results. This is very important since it also helps you to rate your level of keyword strength in comparison to others obtained from the test.

Custom Difficulty Targets

You need to have a good understanding of the level of difficulty of your keyword so that you can actually target your site to match the desired level. This will also help you to identify the steps you can take to improve your site’s strength.

Determine Metrics

It is important to determine the metrics such as domain strength, page strength, referring domains to page and domain, indexed URLs, number of links and site age. This helps you to come up with credible results drawn from authentic data.

Calculate Keyword Profitability

Whether building an Amazon site, Adsense Site, or marketing personal products, you need to know how profitable the venture can be. Otherwise, it defies logic to pursue a business venture that is doomed to be loss-making.

Sort & Track

You need to sort out the niches that often use the same sets of keywords. This helps you to revisit them in the event that you need to revise favorite keywords that can be of use to you.

Real-time Filtering

You need to filter the results of keywords by comparing elements such as competitiveness, as well as advertisers.

Pricing and plans

The interested parties to use this service have three options to choose from which include the following: Annual Starter Plan, Annual Pro Plan and Annual Agency Plan. These plans differ in terms of their pricing and number of keyword searches per month but they are similar in all other respects which include the following items.

  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Keyword Profitability with New Rank Value Feature
  • Get Custom Keyword Difficulty Recommendations for Your Domain
  • FREE Access to Long Tail University ($197 in Value)
  • Save 33% with the Annual plan 

The Annual Starter Plan gives you 10,000 keyword searches/month, Annual Pro Plan has 25,000 keyword searches/month and the Annual Agency Plan is comprised of 60,000 keyword searches/month. These plans are flexible since they help the clients to make meaningful decisions when they decide to buy any one of them. The clients also have the autonomy to choose a plan that suits their budget.

These plans are flexible since they help the clients to make meaningful decisions when they decide to buy any one of them. The clients also have the autonomy to choose a plan that suits their budget.

Advantages of using Long Tail Pro Application

  • Easy for anyone to use- no special skill is required to use this application. Just general computer and internet knowledge.woman holding smart phone omnichannel icon flow
  • It’s fast & saves a lot of time- in business, time is money and this is a plus for using this application.
  • Easy to work out keyword competitiveness- you can actually determine on your own the level of competitiveness of a particular keyword to make a meaningful decision if it is ideal for your site.
  • Great for finding high traffic- essentially, SEO business is primarily concerned with driving or attracting as much traffic as possible to your site. This, in turn, improves your competitiveness and ultimately the growth of your site.


  • The major notable disadvantage of using the Long Term Application is that it is not free. It is just as good as buying a product from the shop since there are monthly costs that should be fully paid up.
  • In some cases, the application can take longer to calculate the competitiveness of keywords that involve many words.
  • Other users have observed that the application does not return data.


• Learn which keywords are the best for you to target, leading you to get more traffic and unique visitors.
• Get more money by targeting the right keywords, and as people come to your site they will start buying your products or buying through your links to get you money.
• You can save money by buying a longer-term plan, anywhere up to 33%.


• It’ll take you a while to fully master it, and learn how all the different buttons work, and what all the different numbers and words mean. Once you learn it, you’ll be doing keyword research like a professional.

Who then should buy the Long Term Pro application?

Established bloggers can use this application to drive traffic to their websites which also contribute to their growth. The essence of a website in business is to attract customers. Bloggers looking forward to building new websites can also utilize the Long Tail Pro application since it can help them to create valuable topics.

This can be done through adding a couple of seed keywords which helps to generate topics you are interested in. These seed keywords can be generated from articles about products you have read from newspapers or any other source that is of interest to you.

Online advertisers can buy this application since they can use it to compile data about certain keywords they can place bids on.

They also get information about keywords that are profitable such that they do not waste time and effort on unprofitable ventures. Advertising is mainly concerned with attracting customers to a particular product.

Therefore, strong keywords, in this case, can play the deal. Simply use Long Tail Pro in order to generate effective keywords.

Click to start using Long Tail Pro today to find the right keywords, and the right niches you should be targeting!


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