Are you a digital marketer or marketing freelancer? Do you know your ranking in Google search determines your international exposure? The exposure will, in turn, determine how many customers you receive. Are you satisfied with your level of internet exposure despite all the SEO and marketing effects you’ve put in? If the answer to any of the above questions is no, you need to read this Mapify360 review. This mapify360 review offers you a solution that can fix your marketing issues in 1 click.

Mapify360 is cloud-based software that helps marketers in finding unclaimed businesses. It uses the user Google Business Pages info and their Google Maps listing to attract the accurate local lead. This software allows thousands of marketers to up their ranking on Google search. It guarantees an almost 450% increase in the traffic on your websites and blog posts.

About mapify360

Mapify 360 How to find more clients

This Mapify360 review explains the basic things about mapify360. Mapify360 is a cloud-based software that helps you stay ahead in any local market. It provides a simplified approach to improving your services’ reach and helps you find unlimited local leads. The program uses artificial intelligence. It looks through a database of local businesses and finds unclaimed businesses which you can claim or claim for your client.

Mapify360 also allows a freelancer to do some map reviews for businesses of their clients. This is possible because of the product’s access to the three-pack of google.

The product also features already made email swipes for your campaigns and a ‘Done for you’ email to get your local business leads. It uses email swipes to sell google services. This feature is an excellent addition to help local businesses.

How does mapify360 work?

One thing you should learn from a mapify360 review is how the product works. Also, You need to know how to use it and get info on what to expect from the product before buying it.

To make it user-friendly, mapify360 allows its user to fix optimization issues in 1 click. There are three main steps to get unlimited local business leads, they are;

Mapify 360 step 1

  • Find and identify unclaimed or unoptimized business leads.

Provide google my business optimization function by finding claim and unclaimed leads for you. You can search with the help of the software for unclaimed or unoptimized businesses. The software can display a list of up to 100 local business niches with their location and contact detail.

Mapify 360 step 2

  • Generate and download a pdf optimization report.

The second step is to use the result from the first step in your campaign, and you’ll then generate an optimized google my business report of the business you added to your campaign. You can generate the business optimization report files and download the optimization report from the menu with a click.

Mapify 360 step 3

  • Offer Google my business optimization services to clients.

It allows you to link up with more clients using the email swipes provided by mapify360. You can offer to help clients with business optimization services and get paid in the process. You can charge $497 or more to all your clients.

Who created Mapify360 – Han Fan et al

The mapify360 review won’t be complete if we omit the great mind behind it. Mapify360 Was created by Han Fan et al. Han Fan et al. is a reputable, skilled, and knowledgeable marketing strategist. Together with his team, Han Fan made the cloud-based mapify360 a perfect lead optimizer that can extract local leads from google and google maps.

Also, he is the creator of Profit 360, ZooWar, and Pixo Bar. This is to show that you are using a well-made product from a reputable source. Be rest assured of the quality this product will give to you.

Who is this product for?

Mapify 360 Pioneer to earn profit

This section of the mapify360 review will focus on using the product and who it is meant for. Mapify360 is a cloud-based solution program that helps local businesses, marketing agencies, internet marketers, freelancers, local business agencies, and digital marketers in finding local business leads without the need to send cold pitching letters to random site emails; instead, they will bring the customers to you for a very affordable price using a ‘Done for you’ email.

If you’re looking to find unclaimed businesses around you and claimed or un-optimized businesses, the product can be beneficial. But there are several other means to access customers like yellow pages, so what is the need for this product.

The need for Mapify360

Mapify 360 Google Local 3 pack

Reading through the mapify360 review, you will understand that the world’s purchasing power has inclined itself towards local business owners rather than factory-made products. This is because people are looking for speed, convenience, and at the same time, originality of their produce. This change in action has affected business discovery methods, from yellow pages to Google My Business sites.

Mapify360 is designed to do in-depth research on google my business, google my service, and google maps quickly. It generates contact info, address, name, and other useful information of clients, which helps get new leads.

As a freelancer, this is an opportunity to invest in by helping small businesses make their impact on Google. You will manipulate Google’s algorithm to focus on your client’s needs when customers type in their field of work.

What kind of services can you optimize with this software as a marketer?

Mapify 360 Optimize Clients Map

This software is open to all types of services. It is not a field-type selective. It can generate Leads for all types of works and services with a physical store and an attendant.

Examples include car repair services, hairdressing, tradespeople, gym shops, baking shops, wedding rentals and services, and many more.

Features of Mapify360

Mapify 360 shortcut to build your own Business

This part of the mapify360 review covers the features of mapify360. All the services it offers that you can use to turn all your businesses around. The software performs all the background algorithm works and presents you simple steps; clear enough for any level of marketers understanding, be it novice or expert.

The features include finding claimed and unclaimed local leads: Over 28% of Google My Business Listing is unclaimed. Searching for these two types of listing can be stressful. Mapify360 makes it less stressful. It will scan and identify local business leads from Google maps directly. Their professionals and high-tech system do all the background work and provide you with claimed and unclaimed leads specifically tailored to your desired field.

Other features of mapify360 are:

  • It helps you to reveal problems concerning leads optimization with just one click after listing them out.
  • It provides a detailed information process to give your clients a professional look and feel.
  • Select the best Google leads by eliminating the poorly rated ones.
  • It helps with a pack of Google maps ranking and eliminates bad google maps reviews. Also, It offers map reviews for businesses and optimizes Google maps Listings for un-optimized google maps. It also finds out bad google maps reviews on a site.
  • When you consider ranking factor, it helps clients get authentic review listing with sell google my business locally and google maps three pack.
  • It generates optimized GMB profiles download full pdf.
  • It allows the use of done for you email and email swipes to sell google services faster to the consumers.

The Pros of Magnify360 include:

Mapify360 is a cloud base service provider that offers an influx of local traffic to your eCommerce. Mapify360 understands how hectic it is to gain attention or rank high on Google search results. There’s intense competition between closely related service providers.

For this, mapify360 will provide you with authentic traffic while you break no sweat. An outsourcing cheat sheet provides you with a bypass. Instead of stressing over how to gain customers with hard work, the cheat sheet will do it with less input effort.

Mapify360 also provides WP option plugins to get you more subscribers. This plugin works with all top autoresponders. It will leave a reply and help you get more subscribers with just one click. Besides the google my local business service it offers, it uses a WP SEO track plugin. This ensures you get accurate results with your Blog/site Engine traffic. A lot of marketing bloggers whose SEO techniques have been yielding poor results will enjoy this.

Mapify360’s Local SEO leverage will draw in a lot of traffic from different areas. It is a dynamic marketing strategy that will yield high results for its user.

Is it user-friendly?

Mapify 360 Easy to use software

The product is user-friendly. A level 7 high school student can immediately grasp the functions. Many marketers that sell google my business locally are not college grads or marketing students. A lot of consideration is in place to make the product easy to use for everybody.

It is user-friendly and, at the same time, professional-looking. This is to ensure more users understand it perfectly and quickly.

Does it help business owners?

Mapify 360 Email Swipes

Yes, it can be deduced from this product’s past users that it is an excellent addition to internet marketing. It also helps find and identify service providers quickly and rank Clients in Google my business in 3 packs of Google Map. It also helps review, optimizes google maps listings for google my business local services.

Besides this, you can fix your google my business optimization issues in 1 click. This makes it an excellent tool for local businesses.

Is it subscription-based software?

NO, it is a down payment software. You only pay once and gain access to it for life, with no monthly subscriptions.

This will ensure you don’t have to remember payment dates and the inconvenience attached to them. Pay one time, and it’s all yours.

Is there a particular day money-back guarantee?

Understandably, anything that involves money accrues risk. This is why the product is risk-free; your money is protected by a 30-days money-back guarantee policy.

This policy supports the return of your money if you are no longer interested in the product within the day money-back guarantee period. Certain choice factors can Influence your purchase and the return as a human, and they fully understand that.

What are the Cons of using Mapify360?

Mapify 360 Perfect Software

I am judging by the feedback from older customers and another mapify360 review. The disadvantage is the need for an internet connection when downloading the business optimization report files.

Another con from customers review and feedback is that you must learn how to use it yourself. There is no tutorial incorporated in it.

What do you get when you buy Mapify360?

Mapify 360 Package

There’s a lot of access attached to this product, and a notable mention of them includes:

  • A cloud-based solution to find un-optimized Google My Business local leads.
  • Already made email campaigns to help more local businesses.
  • The TOP 100 local business niche has an over 100% conversion rate.
  • Unlimited access to a pack of google maps
  • A complete outsourcing cheat sheet for when you need help with clients.
  • And a more surprise bonus that you will find out when you use the product.
  • A Google My Business Optimization blueprint for any local niche.

Google My Business optimization 3-in-1 pack includes the essential things about your business like the phone number, direction to your workstation, website links, opening hours, and more. These are the features mapify360 offers you by eliminating the stress that comes with searching for leads.

There are additional benefits Mapify360 provides aside from Google my business optimization. Unlike other programs, it provides you extra services for less, giving you value for your money.


From this mapify360 review, you can deduce that getting a mapify360 gives you an edge over your competitors. Also, you have access to leads from google maps. It is a must-have tool for local businesses as it offers them complete optimization services. What are you waiting for? Why not place an order to get your Mapify360 product today.

 We review mapify360 in relation to how useful it is to your business. The earlier an order is placed, the better your chances of getting a bonus package. Take charge of your life and get a Mapify360 product today, better your chances of becoming a millionaire that you have always dreamed of. For more information, drop a comment, and we will leave a reply as soon as possible.

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