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You can start making money online, for real!

I am about to review a product that claims to have a top-secret money making source for you. The makers also assert that they have been using it as well. And, you will witness a great start by making $300 on your first day.

Let’s see if the claims are right and whether you can actually make $300 in a single day. If it’s true then obviously it a great product that starts showing results from the first day of use. If we look at the reviews of this product, they are kind of mixed.

Some think this product is great and for some, it is just too hard to work with. But I think money comes with hard work. Here you just need to do some work and that too not very extensive.

What is OPF?

OPF means Online Profit Formulas; you get an OPF kit that will help you make some online income. They assert that it is possible to start making profits online within your first day of work. They use some guaranteed-to work & most efficient sources of online income.

Each source of income is accompanied by a tutorial so that you never get confused or feel lost. These sources have been divided into 4 levels, considering their difficulty and also increasing your income with levels.

They keep it simple and professional with a plain white yet effective website. The logo is assertive and makes you want to get to work soon. They are basically on a task to assist average people to make online money.

One of the many good things about the website was that they did not over exaggerate anything on their sales page. This means that the makers do not want to convince you that you will be able to earn easy money with a few clicks. They tell you that you have to work a little for the money that you want to earn through this kit.

They make themselves clearer even in the member’s section with a message on the top saying, ‘online money making is similar other businesses, it will need patience & work’!

How it works

So after that is clear and you can actually invest some time for working with this product, you will start earning well. But, how does this system work?

Let me enlighten you so that you can make an informed decision.

Before actually starting, you need to undergo a little training, this happens at every level of this product. There are 5 main levels or chapters. This is a great way to assist a total newbie in order to guide them step-by-step.

I like that they provide the required training in a very detailed manner and they explain in a very simple way. It’s simple so that everyone can easily understand, even a person who is completely new to the world of working online. I read multiple reviews of this product and most of them praise the way entire training is put in plain words.

I have gone through hundreds of programs in the past couple of years, I tried them all and I can say that most of them are narrow. Here, by narrow, I mean that these systems show only a certain part of the money-making process. They do not ensure and fully explain all the essentials of turning into a flourishing Internet marketer.


Also, most of the other programs promise to give you a “secret” or a “trick” to make instant money by working online. They leave out the fundamental guidance & preparation and this leaves the concerned person confused. And people tend to spend more money to understand such processes by themselves.

The concept of this program is good and I can say that they deliver what they promise!

Getting Started

This product initiates with an introductory chapter that is dedicated to the promotion of OPF kit and there is nothing wrong with it. They try their best to impress you through an effective first impression. You will be creating an account with them through the details in this chapter.

You will get an automatic email response, send the OPF JavaScript code to them and they will create a landing page especially for you. Then just follow the instruction to but advertisement leads for your page (made free of cost). This is a great approach that can work very well for you as the creators do the hard work for you here.

This will surely generate some traffic however it is low-quality traffic and you might end up paying much more than you expected. As a beginner, you cannot handle spending so much money so be careful. Also, this system will work better if you have a group of follow-up emails; people who have this system tend to get plenty of promo emails.

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It’s the starting chapter so they have made everything easy for you and you will not feel any extra pressure.

Advanced Levels

You will witness 4 income levels that are segregated according to their level of difficulty. And, the amount of money you can earn from each of them depends on the level of expertise. The levels are:

1. Starter

To make things easier for you, the starting level includes the easiest sources of income. The sources include taking surveys, completing simple tasks, and clicking links. After a lot of reviews and learning more about this project, I can say that most of these ad generating tasks are legit.

Taking survey is definitely a time-consuming process and you will earn very little in the process. But if you choose the surveys carefully certain websites pay more than the others. If you get the drift, it could be good for you.

This level is the starting one and it is generally dedicated to making small amounts of easy money. It is generating traffic through advertisements. In the next level, it gets interesting.

2. Intermediate

You can keep this level as your main job as you will learn ways to create profiles using your existing skills. They will help you use your skills to land projects from different clients and other gigs.

And, it gets better here!

The program urges you to join a certain freelancing website by creating your account so that you can get work. Through this platform, you will get hired to complete projects by clients all over the world. So bid and get paid according to your skills and expertise level.

If you are new to this, don’t worry, you will get the required help through tutorials dedicated to this particular level. You will also get tips to land your very first project and you will attract quality customers. This is genuinely a good way to earn money online and you will make decent money too!

This part is some strategic guide so to get success here you will need lots of research, effort and time. This will set you up to a good start but be ready to some training, lots of reading and learn more effective techniques.

3. Pro

The third expertise level is dedicated to affiliate marketing with access to the strongest traffic sources, correct product promotions, and the best networks. The OPF kit also offers you to use the source of traffic that they use and trust the most. You will also get to know about new helpful tricks and techniques.

I can say from experience that with this method it is most certainly possible to build a business model that yields long-term profits. The OPF kit also recommends certain affiliate networks that will provide affiliate links. These links are like ‘middleman’, they enhance the sales among vendor and customer.

Also, these guys will be paying you commission when there is any sale through the affiliate links that you set up. The recommended networks are legit; training at this level is detailed with examples and you get good tips for ads and creating websites.

The advertisements have traffic exchanges with Facebook advertisements and other general methods. Don’t worry if you are a novice, the tutorials are thorough and they will completely assist you.


4. Elite

The top most level provides you the ultimate level of expertise with highest income source. You can choose to become a vendor and learn to create digital products and the marketing of these products for huge profits. For instance, you can choose to create products like audio courses, coaching, and creating eBooks.

Actually, it is a totally different product, which is called LBB or Lucrative Business Blueprint as a bundle. This extensive PDF with 363 pages will give you the mindset of an entrepreneur. You will learn more about generating an idea and entrepreneur mindset.

Final Verdict

The OPF Kit certainly stands to its great reviews and if you are thinking about creating or launching your own product, it deserves a read. You will most certainly get to learn and a number of new and effective tips and tricks. Additionally, it is certainly a great source of making some good money online that can be done from your home.

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1. Great tutorials and simple to follow.
2. Legit methods of making online money.
3. Well-planned and structured levels from Starter to Elite.
4. Support for each lesson.


1. Requires some additional research on your part too.
2. Use the linked programs carefully.

Summary: A great package that is divided into thoughtful levels and makes earning money online a lot easier.

RatingRated 4.75 stars

Rated 4.75 stars
4.75 / 5 (4 )


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on 2018-07-23 09:36:16

The Pro Level training at OPF Kit is about affiliate marketing, and you’ll learn the basics of finding an affiliate network, how to choose a product to promote, how to set up a landing page, and how to draw traffic to your site. You’ll also learn about autoresponders and building a mailing list.

Latricia W.
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Real Program.

on 2017-11-26 12:01:22

If you want to earn money online then i do not think you have to wait. This is the kind of guide that you should go for ASAP. It is the best i have ever seen. Totally legit and everything works very well. Looking at what i have earned, i can say that it is very affordable.

Janet Haas
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4 /5 stars

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    User: 100%
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Perfect for mom's and people who just wants an extra (or permanent) income!

on 2017-10-24 12:07:36

As a single mother of three beautiful healthy children, I wanted to find a way to earn a stable income and at the same time, take care of my kids. I can never be thankful, when i found out this i tried it out immediately! Now, I have an income which could even let me save up for my children's college tuition fees!

Richard Fournier
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5 /5 stars

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    User: 99%
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    User: 89%
  • Cost
    User: 97%

A dream came true

on 2017-10-03 15:23:14

This is a dream came true! Who doesn't want to make money from home?! I will gladly try this and thank ou for your tips!

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