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Strategies to nailing it in Forex

The forex market is the largest market in the world with a system that allows it to be so close to the hypothetical perfect market that is taught in business studies. It mostly uses financial institutions that are authorized to trade currencies. The banks are referred to as the dealers. […]

Play American Football like A Pro

Play American Football like A Pro

Having grown up British, I never really understood why the Americans said football when it was clearly rugby with better costumes and helmets and no one really uses their feet that much. Then I realized football in England is soccer in America and they do call it football sometimes and […]

The Scariest Meetings: Job Interviews

Over the years you have had people telling you how you should behave at the job interviews and when you get there, no matter how prepared you were, there is the sweating, the mumbling and the loss for words to speak. Well, what they didn’t tell you is that you […]

Stock Tips and Tricks

The stock market is no place for being lazy or being indifferent. It is a cutthroat competitive market that will require you to have knowledge of two main things and those will include. Knowing what to invest in and the stock market and how to buy stocks is the key. […]

How to Make Your Job More Exciting

When you are in the workplace, you will find that sometimes, the workplace will get so boring that you will find yourself detesting every day that you are there. Hence the need to spice things up so that you enjoy your workplace and make it more exciting. However, you are […]