Online betting on virtually any sports is quite the rage nowadays. However, it all ultimately come down to the one true leader sport in betting that goes back for centuries – horseracing.

Today’s review is about Racing Wins – a betting tipster service by Pete Thompson. He is an experienced tipster who has proved his authenticity with consistent wins through his tips. In this service, you will get around 20 tips per week – which is a substantial number. His direct promise is to turn your £1703.80.

Horse Racing Betting

You can buy a subscription to this service monthly, which is the most popular method. Or you can get a limited time “Jump Season” offer and save 73% of your investment as well. With the 100% satisfaction guarantee offer that they provide, you’re also entitled to a 60-day money back guarantee. Without further ado, let us dive into the review.

The Cost of Failed Betting Tips

Most betters who enter the game enthusiastically often give up due to failed betting tips that they get. From the “experts” who post tips on newspapers to the popular tipsters on Twitter, not a single one truly seems to do their job – which is actually getting people to win.

After much research, Pete Thompson states how close to 80% of “tips” that you get from newspapers are false. Even when those “experts” make their own bets, the observations state that only 17% of them actually win.

To put it in perspective, even if you do your research and follow the “best” tipster in your newspaper you are likely to make only £24.61 in your stake of £10.

Horse Racing Betting

Why do popular “tipsters” fail?

If you are wondering whether the fault is in you, rest assured, it is not. The truth is that large bookie networks handle all the tips that come to the general public. Everything is controlled by the hands with the biggest amount of money – which in this case are the bookies. Even the most seemingly unbiased tipsters are not immune to the power of the bookies.

With the insiders and the power of the money that they have, bookies are always in the know of the tips published by news publications. When they get to know those selections, they simply lower their odds from their end, so even if you win, you are not likely to make a big payout.

Therefore, when you look at it, the problem is not in those popular tipsters. They are usually experts with good intentions. However, they are too popular for those tips to work in the betting industry due to the influential power of bookies.

Horse Racing Betting

What do you get from Racing Wins?

After exposing the tipster industry for the failure that it is at the present, Pete Thompson then moves on to explain how exactly he is going to help you with this program. He puts the ability to successfully give betting tips under 3 specific skills.

  • Extensive knowledge of horse racing
  • Skill in mathematics
  • Great amounts of research

With the carefully maintained strategy by Racing Wins, you are extremely less likely to fail. He gives a 3 step method of using this program.

  1. Check Tips Email
  2. Place bets
  3. Withdraw Cash

If you think that it seems very easy, it really is!

Racing Wins is a unique 4 bet System which gives you the best bet of the day (Nap), the next best (NB), third best (TB) and an outside bet. This 4 step formula has been proven to make up to £5,962 a month. Which is frankly life-changing money.”

The 4 Bet System

Let us now dig a little deeper into this betting system. Since he is using the technical terms, we decided to break it further down for those who are reading this review. A “Nap” is generally the most likely bet to win.

In the email that you get from Racing Wins, there will always be this best bet of the day. Due to the high likeliness of winning, you usually get short odds for this. However, the chance for you to win from this bet is counted as 41.54%, which is substantially high.

The NB is called the Next Bet. This is the bet which has the second highest chance to win. Odds often longer than the Nap, strike rate good too at 32.7%. The TB is the third best bet. According to the website, this bet has “Incredible profits due to good odds. Has made £5K+”. The final and the most value making bet is called the Outsider. The website describes this bet as, “Value pick bet each-way. Has made 5K+”.

Horse Racing Betting

Spreading out the stakes

As you can see above, Racing Wins covers pretty much every chance for your stake with their tips. Therefore, when you strategically spread out your stake, the chance of you winning are extremely high. When Pete Thompson speaks about making you profits, he is not being theoretical. Almost all the popular tipsters out there try to make their tips “theoretical” so as to distance themselves from their tips if they fail.

What do you get from Racing Wins?

Racing Wins is a result of extensive research and experience. Therefore, they are not vague about what you can accomplish from using their service. Following are the 6 reasons that they give as to why exactly you should use their service.

  • Huge Returns: Up to £5962 a Month. With a HUGE ROI of 18.7%  across all bets.
  • No Long Losing Runs!: Our Nap strike rate is 41.5%. Expect to win frequently.
  • Easy to Follow: Simply follow our emails sent directly to your inbox.
  • 100% Proven to Work: With over 400 bets fully tested, we know our 4 bet method will work for you.
  • Great Odds: We back at a range of odds including a daily outsider for huge returns up to 20/1
  • Start Small, Win Big: With just a £5 start you can clear £900, or with £50 you can make £9,000.

There are too many tipster services for beginners out there which expect a large sum of money in their wallets right at the very beginning. However, the credibility of this particular service is apparent since they do not expect you to invest more than £5 on your first bet.

Horse Racing Betting

Transparency & Integrity

If you check 10 different online tipsters, the chances are that barely one of them is actually transparent about their service. What we truly like about Racing Wins as we review their service is their transparency.

According to Pete Thompson, one of his biggest pet peeves is the tipsters who do not give full documented results. With this service, however, you get a clear and well put together documentation of not only the wins but also the losses. This way you can make an informed decision on whether you should invest your money on this.


If you look at Racing Wins website, there are many testimonials from the users of this service. From the beginners to the experts, it never hurts to get the best tips from someone who has actually walked their talk. Going through the feedback of the users who have actually benefited from this service, you can see that most of them have started small. However, thanks to the Racing Wins tips and the 4 Bet System, now they are making profits in true life-changing amounts.

How does it work?

Before we give our final verdict, we like to brief you on the process of how this works. You get an average of 20 tips a week, emailed to you between 9am-10am on the tip days. Their tips days fall between Tuesday and Saturday since they are the days racing is done the most.

The reason that they are doing 4 bets a day is that they believe it is good to have a set pattern and systematic way of doing things. However, if you would like to put all your bets on a NAP, which is the most likely to win the bet, that is also up to you. However, even though NAP wins most of the time, the Third Best and Outsider bets make the most money.

As Pete Thompson puts it, “it is good to have a mixture I find to avoid long losing runs and to keep your bank balance healthy.”

Horse Racing Betting

The Final Verdict

When compared to similar services, Racing Wins stands out in a mile. The value, the profits, reliability and the credibility this service offer is truly admirable.

If you are a beginner to the service, start low and slowly go big. Even the creator of the service who is an experienced better suggests that slow and steady goes a long way in betting. And if you are using a service as reliable as this, you are not likely to lose!

Get your hands on Racing Wins, and find out how you can start placing horse bets like a pro – giving you the very best odds of profitable plays!


  1. Racing Wins is a horse racing tipster service with 4 separate tip types. Tips feature Nap, Next Best, Third Best & Outsider Bet. Tips will run Tuesday – Saturday and arrive between 9AM – 10AM. Using a variable stake (0.5 – 2 point bets) the tipster Pete Thomson delivers regular winning weeks and bets that are balanced to keep daily losses to a minimum as well as being rewarding over the long term.

  2. Racing Wins is a horse racing tipping service provided by a chap called Pete Thomson.The service was unveiled a few months ago to quite a bit of fanfare so we were eager to check it out and see if it could live up to the hype of the launch.So we subjected to a live three month trial here on the site, recording all selections to both advised prices and Betfair SP.

  3. Raymond Cousins

    It is clear to me that Racing Wins can make money and from what I have seen, Pete Thomson should be able to replicate this.

  4. It certainly wasn’t a washout by any means, I will err on the side of caution of plump for a NEUTRAL rating.

  5. There was no problem at all getting the advised prices and little difference between them and the BSP results.

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