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Screenflow Hero Review

Hi, everyone. I’m writing this review to let you know about my experience with Screenflow Hero, this amazing guide that helped us make the best out of Screenflow.

I own a small marketing agency, and we do everything from SEO to multimedia. We decided to get Screenflow because I personally find it easy and enough for the kind of work that we do in the agency.

The software is great, but when I bought it, I had huge expectations. Expectations that were not met.

Starting Screenflow

We decided to invest in a video editing software because we wanted to be able to do more professional stuff, stuff that would go viral, that would stand out in YouTube.

Women in a computer

This one Youtuber friend of ours, told us all about his specs when he records and edits. He mentioned ScreenFlow and we decided to give it a go.
For us, it all came down to: “You say you know marketing, show us the marketing you have been doing”. So, we needed great things to show to our future clients.

Anyway, we got to work, installed on 2 laptops, and got to it.

Learning Screenflow

Man using a laptop

I am one to firmly believe that experimenting and moving around can give you a better understanding on how a thing works. When it comes to software, worst case scenario, you uninstall and reinstall the software, and all problems, most likely, will be fixed.

In just some weeks everyone in the office was able to:

  • Basic edit
  • Synch audio with no problems
  • Insert sprites in video and make them work
  • Give great flow to the videos

Basically, it works like a charm, and it is easy to use, but it took longer than usual to understand.

However, there were some options and menus there that we knew how to use, but were not aware of the potential they had.

Pushing the limits

Man editing a video

As we went on, creating great material, videos that looked good, etc. Our portfolios started growing, and more clients came, with different requests, different needs.

We were being challenged almost every week, but things became more pressuring in the video department, the one we all had the least experience in.

People came with footage and a story board, still we were barely delivering.

Things were about to get out of control because of the demand we had and because of our ignorance about our tools, so I decided to do something about it.

Looking for help

Research was my first instinct, as usual. I went online and Googled all kinds of YouTube tutorials, free books, etc. The amount of knowledge and information that I had to process suddenly became too much, and I found myself learning the same things over and over again.

I went back to this YouTuber friend of mine, and he mentioned Screenflow Hero. He was crazy about it, saying he had improved his editing skills so much with all the information he got from the book.

Screenflow Hero Review

I told him about my experience with other information sources. He reassured me that, even though there are some basic topics addressed, it’s only in the beginning and then I would find better information as I go on.

Screenflow Hero

Don’t know why, but I decided to do more research on Screenflow Hero, read some reviews, see some examples, etc. I knew it was not a scam, I trust my friend, but still I wanted to be certain.

I got to the website, read a little, saw that they had they money back policy, and so I finally decided to buy the book.

Immediately it was delivered to my inbox, I had all my information there, the PDF guide, the links to the royalty free music, and the animated images to add into my videos.

I dreaded the thought of having to read yet another book, again, but If I went through this successfully, my business would be successful as well.


Businesswoman on a laptop

As I was reading the book, even though I was familiar with most of the information contained in in the beginning, I started finding out useful bits of things that I didn’t know about.

It was as if I had a brand-new software in my computer. All the things that I had taken from granted, Screenflow Hero unearthed, revamped them, and showed me great things.

All of the information that I found in the previous research, I found also in this book, which made me feel a little bad because I could have saved so much time if I had only listened to my friend earlier.

I found myself:

  • Learning how to use all the effects
  • Learning how to modify presets
  • Knowing how to do amazing transitions
  • Rediscovering tools of audio and effects

Sharing the knowledge

Business people

After a week of going over the book, experimenting, trying new things, seeing amazing results. I decided to take it back to the office.

I shared it with my partner, I taught him some of the things I had learned just in that week, and he immediately organized a training seminar with our editing team.

We were able to share the guide with them, it’s PDF so everyone can access to it, and I delivered a training based on Screenflow Hero.

Our kids were extremely satisfied, they loved the new take on their daily tasks, they learned how to be more efficient, and give better results. Everyone was happy.

Stepping up our game

Online video editing training

My team had the chance to practice and experiment for a week as well, it was all we had. We still had a lot of work to do, and things to deliver, so we couldn’t really dwell on the learning stage.

One day, after 2-3 weeks of our training with our staff, I received a call from one of our clients, which I found pretty strange since, normally, we communicate via email.

She called to congratulate on hiring new people, and delivering beyond expectation. She was extremely happy with her final product. She mentioned that maybe we should consider charging more, because our great job for such a cheap rate made us look like amateurs and people would want to take advantage of that.

I had never been so in shock in my life. First of all, it let me know how my clients regarded me in the past. They felt my work was OK, and they were paying OK money for it, there was no real exchange of value.

Second, one of my biggest clients, who could be a door for more business for us, just called and told me I’m selling our work cheap, so I had to do something about it.

New challenges

Client Meeting

New clients came and with them different challenges that ranged in difficulty. Some of them required sophisticated software that, we already had and we knew how to use precisely, or they needed more technical skills, that some of us had already developed and others were in the process.

It was great to work with a group of capable people that were delivering good results without compromising their personal life or putting so much of them into it that they could start burning out.

People were giving great results, our clients were happy, we couldn’t have asked for more.

A small PDF, a simple book, containing so much important information about a piece of software, it came and made us thrive and we are really thankful.

Things taken from granted

One of our main problems as editors was that we were taking things for granted. Meaning that, when it came to basic editing, you know, cutting, splitting, transitions, etc. We thought there was no way to improve or be better. “We are good enough” we’d think, but learned different.

After reading Screenflow Hero PDF book I started to notice how to make things faster and more efficiently. Basic tasks that would take us hours, got reduced to minutes, or even seconds with the right hot keys.

Our most basic tasks, that would take our editors around 5-6 hours, suddenly were reduced even by half, giving the same results. It was amazing.

The big challenge

Once, we had a friend of mine coming to the office with a personal project she was ready to launch. She was a well-known local news anchor in my home city, later she released a book and retired.

She had found out about the power of social media and platforms like YouTube, and she wanted to start her own channel of personal development.

For this project, she had a huge budget, and was ready to start as soon as possible and she wanted us.

“We are a marketing agency” I thought, but one of our employees made me understand the possible big implications this might have if we did a good job. I decided to give it a try, found ourselves a nice place to record and got to it.

We recorded the videos of 2 months in one week. It was time for editing.

The big result

Thanks to the knowledge we acquired with Screenflow Hero, we were able to quickly

  • Cut and reduce the duration of the video
  • Make the image look flawless
  • Create great dramatic effect
  • Insert useful calls to action
  • Make a fun edition

This was in huge part the main formula for our success. We were able to do a fun, lively, edition, and addition, of elements in the video. Even though her topics and tutorials were very good, the additional elements were great to get people engaged and make things viral.

I felt immensely satisfied when once, in one of her videos, she recognized our editors, mentioning that many people have given her positive comments on the results.

Moving past Screenflow Hero

Some months went by, everyone was in complete alignment with Screenflow and we were getting notoriety and new clients.

Because all of us were so comfortable with the way we were winning through the use of Screen flow and the skills we had acquired, we were able to focus on other things.

Now, because everyone was comfortable with our software, we had detected the real talents, and they were dedicated solely to editing, and they loved it. All the rest, those of us with different talents, we went on to do different things and grow our portfolios.

I see my editors going back to the Screenflow Hero eBook from time to time. When I ask them why are they reading that, I always get the same response: “Just had a small doubt”. One they got their answer they get back to work.

Because of how easy it is to follow, understand, and just practice, it is also very easy to explain to others.

Other benefits

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I travelled Asia teaching English. I have a fancy certification and all. It was all amazing, but I was not born to be a teacher.

However, because of my teaching background, it is very easy for me to explain things to people, create slides, create workshops, etc. It’s easy, but not all people have these skills.

I remember one of our editors left for a better job, it was a great opportunity for her so I am glad she took it. I thought we would be able to manage without 1 editor but I was wrong, so I had to bring someone else.

We have this guy in our office, he is amazing and totally trust-worthy, and I am thinking of him to run the office when my partner and I finally move on to expand portfolios or invest in other things.

Anyway, I asked who was willing to train this new editor, and my guy raised his hand, he said: “Don’t worry, I have a copy of the book, I’ll do it”.

This guide is so easy to understand, our new editor was catching up very fast in the first week, second week, you could see the new guy going back and forth with the book.

After a month, no more questions, just great results.

Business People. Successful Business Partner Shaking Hands in th

The power of choice

As someone who is a service provider and employs people, I know how important it is to secure income. However, unless I am constantly working for someone, I don’t charge subscription fees or find ways to extract money from them for things I didn’t deliver.

When I buy a product, I look for the same. I want a product that will give me the freedom to choose, to do, and I don’t have to permanently chained to it.

Well, this PDF guide works like that:

  • Only one payment
  • Get your extras
  • After 2-3 months, everything will become second nature
  • You can easily share with others
  • No need to come back every time

So, you are not unnecessarily chained to something. You buy the book, get the knowledge, get to it, get the return of your investment, and move on.

Final thoughts

It all comes down to getting from life what you put into it. It is great to invest in software and all, but if you don’t get the right information, you will be missing out on so much information and, because of this, you will be missing out on all the potential and great things you can do with your investment.

The Screenflow Hero, this amazing eBook, will help you unlock the potential of the things you can achieve with your editing software, so you can also reach out to more clients and expand portfolios.

There is no need for you to spend so much time researching, watching videos about making videos, and surfing through unnecessary reviews or documents.

Get the help you need, get started today, and improve your editing skills from day one. Screenflow Hero is, of course, focused on Screenflow, but the skills obtained with the tutorials, can actually be transferred to other sophisticated software.

Good luck! Start improving on your skills and I hope this review was helpful for you.

Screenflow Hero Review 2

As You’ve Seen, Using Screenflow Doesn’T Have To Be Hard. You Can Become A Screenflow Hero Starting Today By Clicking This Link And Start Using Screenflow Like A Pro!


• Opens more opportunities to people to be able to edit different projects with the right editing software.

• The software provides enough instructions that you can follow when trying to work on your projects.

• This is a product that is able to work on a variety of projects without failure.

• It is a very affordable program compared to the kind of work you get done by this program.


• You may require sometime to understand how the product works and get used to using it.

Summary: This is the best eBook that you will find to help you in crafting different projects. The guide is easy to understand and provides working methods.

RatingRated 4.83 stars

Rated 4.83 stars
4.83 / 5 (6 )


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    User: 97%

Joy T.
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

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    User: 92%
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    User: 100%
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    User: 100%

Well instructed

on 2018-11-14 09:12:41

If i can be sincere is that the author of this system has done a good job. The program is well instructed with clear explanation which as made it very easy for me to understand.

Lynne Byrd
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 88%
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    User: 86%
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Learning It

on 2017-11-19 12:41:58

I am glad that I have come across a resource that will help me become better at what I do. It is something that I have been on the lookout for a while but I am now happy that it is here. Girls, let us do this.

Lindsey Russo
Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

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    User: 100%
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    User: 97%

Well complied

on 2017-11-02 20:10:30

A genuinely helpful and well explained video editing guide. I had no information about this task until I got my hands on this beauty!

Rating: 4
4 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 100%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 99%
  • Cost
    User: 100%

Great guide

on 2017-10-14 19:07:56

I am so passionate about editing and creating videos but could not find a single program that teaches the way Screenflow Hero does. It does require a bit more explanation at some points, but overall a very helpful product.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 100%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 100%
  • Cost
    User: 100%

Really Hero

on 2017-10-12 14:15:08

This is a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own professional sales video. You can quickly and easily learn how to edit your videos so they look professional and captivate viewers attention to generate more leads and sales. Now this is a time for you to take decision.

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

  • Features
    User: 100%
  • User Friendliness
    User: 100%
  • Cost
    User: 91%

Amazing and fast results

on 2017-08-13 07:36:22

Editing a video is one of my weaknesses. I honestly know the most basic tricks and use the easiest software for it. I’m a multimedia artist and it’s crucial to be an expert in video editing. With screen flow hero, it has slowly aid me in enhancing my skills in video edits. It’s a helpful tool for people looking for a new hobby or it’s there job to know these things. I have recommended this program to my fellow multimedia artists.

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