A Beginner’s Guide to Importing Exporting Automobiles

Do you have any idea what goes into importing and exporting something as simple as tomatoes? Well, automobiles are even a little harder to get into and out of a country. This is the reason why you would need to have this guide. And that is why you need to read this review to know what this pdf eBook is all about and where to find it plus a lot of other important information.

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It has all that you need before you start getting cars in and out of countries. Don Massey is the author of this book that promises to change the way you view international automobile business. As far as guides go, this one takes the cake because of its comprehensive material. When you are seeking to join the car market to work out the dynamics and get to learn the ropes, you will need to have a guide.

It could be a person who charges you for every hour that you shadow him or it could be a $5 book that teaches you everything at your own pace real quick. Take your pick and see what happens.

I feel obligated to tell you as much as I can in this review and that is what I am going to do. I will tell you what the book is about, the important things to know and even a sneak peek into what you can expect to find inside. I want to help you get in the biz quick.

What the Book Is About

Before you stride into the international car’s market, you need to know a great deal of information and this does not come by easily. There is no course for all the little nuances that make up the market in this category. This book is about giving you as much of the information available as it can. It details everything including the where, why, who and when of the markets. You see, timing is very important.

The Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles Review

Knowing when to back out of a deal is also important as is everything else in the eBook. Knowing all those things is the things that could very well save your hard earned money from being sucked into a vortex of bad decisions and mistakes. Do you even know what countries you should import to and export from? Why buying cars at auctions and dealers are better than showrooms?

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You see, it’s not all about having the capital. It also has everything to do with knowing who to trust and what people you should have on speed-dial. It’s all about what you know in regard to the car market internationally. Information is the key to these situations. Don Massey as some reviews said, is the Bible here.

The Main Purpose of the Book

There is a big gap in the automobile market right now and the people who would like to join this sector find t hard to get in because of what they don’t know. It is difficult to start shuttling cars between countries with no idea of what should be done and how.

It’s not just a simple matter of getting a car, putting it on ship containers and writing ‘this side up’. It’s about the customs official, government policies, car brands and dealers with the best offers.

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The main purpose of this book is to give you the hidden map to all this and help you get there quickly. That way, you can get to skip all the unnecessary newbie traditions of paying your way through red tape while trying to find your way in.

The Best Features of This Book

  1. It Is Arranged in a Step-By-Step Method

This is one of the most important things you can have in a book aimed at teaching people about something. Learning should be progressive in nature and when you skip through stuff before going back again to explain something you forgot or ignored, it affects the learner.

Don Massey knows this and he has made sure that the book is written in a progressive manner while paying keen attention to the chronological order of what you should do, know and start with first.

  1. It is Factual and Accurate

When it comes to facts and tidbits of truth that you will need before entering the car’s market, Don Massey has collected it all. Starting with the economies, the effect of those economies on the automobile market and what loopholes you can take advantage of.

In an institution, you would be taught the generic stuff and the rest of the good stuff you will have to find out all by yourself and mostly the hard way of losing money and starting afresh. But with this book, you’ll be insured against all that.

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  1. The Detail is Impeccable

When it comes to giving the details that matter, this book has ensured that all exits are covered and the things you should know, you do know after you are done the reading. This is the bible of the beginner into the market. The details that are given here are very important when you are trying to make it in the market.

So, when I tell you that this book is King of Beginner’s guide to the automobile market, believe me, because I have seen the contents and reviews have lauded it as really good.

  1. Have You Seen The Price Tag?

Really, have you seen the price tag on this eBook? It is almost free compared to what you are getting; it is basically worth every penny that you will spend on it. The good thing is that even after giving you all of that important information, the author keeps it reasonable.

  1. It Is An eBook

Do you know what that means right? Well, I’ll tell you if you haven’t figured it out already. It means that you will have the convenience and that accessing the book will be cheap, fast and easy. Here is what I mean by that. This book is in pdf format which means that you get it online at a moment’s notice.

Like right now, you just search for the book title and got to the site that sells it, click on buy and voila, you have the book on your Smartphone or computer. You can carry it in your phone in your pocket and with a good pdf reader, be able to access anything that you forgot to do or say anytime or anywhere.

  1. It Has Impeccable Examples

When you are learning something, it is important that you be given an example that will help you understand the content better. This is why the book has examples of the things that you could, should or may do in no unclear terms.

That makes it more than just a guide; it becomes your teacher now. The consumer reviews that we used as the basis for the tone of this review, attest to that.

A Sneak Peak into the Contents of the Book

When it comes to reviewing books, I always make a point of giving my readers a sneak peek into the contents of the book just so they know what they are missing out on. So, here goes nothing:

  1. The Way To Finding Dealers and Buyers

This is one of the most difficult things to do when you are getting into the market. They either don’t want to work with a newbie or they want you to work with them under unfavorable conditions. This creates a barrier.

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Therefore, you will need to know where to find the dealers, the buyers and how to get the cars to them. This is the most important things. It’s the core of your business.

  1. How to Buy Cars From US Dealers and Auctions

There is a difference in buying the cars from the factory, the showrooms, the auctions and private dealers. The prices range and when you buy these at an auction, it becomes easier and means more profit for you.

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Learning how to buy from these people is the real challenge and you will need to know how if you want to line your pockets with a healthy paycheck. You just have to buy this cheap book to find out exactly what you are missing out on.

  1. Safe Shipping

Buying cars are easier when you compare it to making sure they arrive at their destination without dents or scratches. This is easier said than done and will pose a challenge especially if you are a newbie and doesn’t know which shipping companies are the most convenient.

Luckily, this little eBook knows all that and you will have no trouble knowing how to do this and who to do it with.

  1. Government Policies

Did you know that the government has a branch whose sole purpose is to help you get trading in automobiles? Did you know that some governments don’t allow their citizens to have certain cars from specific countries?

Well, you should be having this information because it can make or break your trade. You may waste money when you can get help from the government or have someone refuse you entry into a country.

  1. The Most Profitable Deals, Cars, and Countries

Not all cars, countries ordeals are necessarily good. There are those that are better than others and you need to find out which in order to be on the safe side. That way, you can maximize your profits and ensure that the deals favor you.

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Knowing the best cars, the most favorable countries and the best dealers will make you flourish. In this book, you will find out how you can make that happen in a short time without making the newbie mistakes that can cost you a lot.


  • Learn all the best countries for importing and the ones best for exporting (hint: they’re not the same!)
  • Find out how to go through the governmental regulations and which paperwork you’ll need to fill out(and how to do it!)
  • Start making big banks, since cars can fetch very high price tags!
  • Detailed examples that make it easy to follow along and do it yourself
  • Easy to access, you can always have it with you even on your phone or laptop since it comes in pdf format!


  • Since it’s a book, some of the information you’ll have to research yourself and confirm that it’s still accurate.
  • With pdf format, it’s harder to make notes on it (you can if you print out all the pages and staple them together though!)

The Conclusion

From this review, you have already deduced that the book is an asset you will need. The consumers who have read it and applied the information found it very useful. That makes this pdf eBook worth every penny that you will pay for it ($5 only!). As far as books on importing/exporting cars go, this one is the ultimate read.

The Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles Review 1

Gain your exclusive access to The Beginners Guide To Importing Exporting Automobiles and start making big money in this growing industry!


  1. My father used to do this for business and I remember we were always doing well. It’s amazing to have this information adapted to this era

  2. I always knew there was money in import export.
    Then I thought of combining it with my interest in cars, and when I got this guide I could not ask for anything better.
    The best part of this eBook is that there are the most suitable examples to explain everything perfectly.

  3. Brandon Hughes

    I wouldn’t say this is a complete guide for those who want to get into the car export and import business, but it’s really good for beginners who want to get an idea on how the car import and export business works.

  4. If you are a car dealer like myself then this will help you a lot. When i was starting my car dealership business there were way very many challenges. The greatest one being how i could be able to import and export cars without many problems. Since i was a beginner this was my greatest challenge. You know there is so much involved here.
    Thanks to this guide. It opened my eyes. It is a system that has taught me almost everything i know about import and export of cars.

  5. James Nichols

    My brother just started his career in car dealing, and he was not that great. After many days filled with frustration, we started digging over the internet for solutions. We discovered this guide, bought it, and it really changed his game. A must guide if you are into this!

  6. Girls today we all want to make it in life for sure. There are many factors that we look into. But I am loving what I am reading here today for sure. Let us see how all this goes by as we keep empowering ourselves.

  7. This is a guide that i will say it is worth buying. The import and export business for automobiles is not easy. You might end up losing a lot. However, this system guided me on each and every step that i was supposed to make when i was a beginner and i was able to do it well.

  8. It is one of the programs that i am always willing to recommend to anyone i meet. Here is why, it has helped me create a thrilling car import and export business from scratch.

  9. Jennifer Walters

    The author of this guide is a well-informed person and did a good job. I do no think there is anywhere you will find the kind of information in this system just for free. It is content worth buying.

  10. Daniel Polito

    Knowledge is power and is being offered by Don Massey right at your fingertips, so you really don’t have any excuses now as you would receive your digital copies of the manual immediately after making payment.

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