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People struggle to make sales. They increase and decrease their prices with the aim of getting more customers to buy products from their websites. Nevertheless, this struggle is dangerous because clients may never trust your product again.

E-commerce stores should generate enough money for you

Most people who start e-commerce websites establish their platforms but never get the profits that they desire; hence, you will find that such vendors close shop because they no longer have hope in them.

On the other hand, we have successful online entrepreneurs whose online stores erupt immediately they start the business. Many would wonder what the secret behind their success is.

In this article, we will review the ‘The Little Website That Could product.’ This legit program has raised millionaires in the online business.

Problem with most Books that Talk about Sales

In the world of internet sales marketing today, every successful entrepreneur wants to give the world some of the tips that they learned while developing their business on the online platform. They combine eBooks that present their stories, their plans, their strategies, and so on.

People buy these books with the thought that they will succeed by using the same tips within a short period of time. However, most of them do not relate to the buyer. Vendors will only incite them to buy the book by stating that they made the cash within a few months of starting their business.

Most authors incite buyers to purchase their low quality books

It is sad to know that most people end up losing hope when they find that the book was only a way to get money out of the client’s pockets. The information is correct, but they do not offer enough analysis that a newbie in a specific business would need to be successful.

They also fail to state their failures.This means that the reader will lose hope once he tries the method once, or even twice for the aggressive entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive books should state the number of months or years that it took to establish a successful business.

Some of the authors just want to make money with you. They will intentionally copy-paste other books and programs, which means that they do not have the right authority and experience in that particular field.

Advice to readers

Before you buy a specific product or book that expounds on sales, it is crucial that you read reviews on the product. Use other resources to know more about the author.

A customer’s review will tell you whether to ditch or accept the product on sale.

Introduction to the “The Little Website that Could”

The Little Website that Could

Any expert will tell you that business involves risk. Thus, it is essential to carry out some research before you start any company. Now, vendors have to understand that customers perceive e-commerce stores differently from physical malls.

People can spend hours in a mall. On the other hand, they will spend less time in an e-commerce store because the internet has many factors that cause distractions to a potential customer.

The little website that could educate sellers on such issues. It provides all the information you need to get the e-commerce store running on a platform such as Shopify.

The product also offers particular topics from different experts in the sale niche. It also includes articles, books, and essential topics that will give you all the knowledge to start earning some money.

Author of the book

We can highlight so much about the author based on the website’s information about her.

The author’s name is Lynne Schlumpf. She has an exciting background that proves her to be the go-to expert in this niche.

She attained her Bachelor’s degree in computers. She then went to join the Air Force. After leaving the force, she started writing books. In fact, from her biography, she states that she loved poetry at a young age of 17.

How she developed the Idea

Other than writing articles for different publications, she also worked with Encyclopedia Britannica. While here, she learned the best sales practices from the best salespersons in the company. She would gather relevant information that would aid her in comprehending the psychology of salesmanship.

As a child, she kept on reading a book called “The Little Engine That Could” repeatedly.This book provoked an idea in her to generate a sales book just like that one.

In the year 2000, she published the first version of this book. The second version came in 2017.

It is important to note that Lynne did not start publishing the book without experience. She only did it after she established several successful e-commerce stores.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Published articles on different websites
  • She has written four books for kids including coloring books
  • She has developed several successful e-commerce stores

Her focus nowadays is to help students learn to use the Shopify platform and to come up with a successful e-commerce store.

Why should we trust her Product?

1. Her Experience

Lynne has worked in both the online and offline platforms for more than 33 years. Therefore, you can believe everything that she says in her book. Her experience in both sales and publishing articles assure learners that you can get all the information that you require.

When you also look at her learning experience, you see that she was able to learn the best tactics from the best gurus in the business. For instance, Joe Sugarman and Jay Conrad Levinson helped her to learn the basics of sales and marketing.

2. Detailed book

Other courses are very slim. Students do not get enough details about making sales, acquiring customers, creating a good website, and the process of expanding the business. The book features 208 pages hence you have a lot to learn.

3. Reviews

The effectiveness of an individual is seen in the effect that she leaves behind. Well, Lynne’s program is one of the most effective in the sales niche because we can see that some of her clients have made a lot of money ever since they read the book.

An example of a reviewer who benefited from Lynne's product

Some have become millionaires and have developed their courses as well.

Details about the book

The author is an internet pioneer. She started her internet businesses from the time they publicized the internet.  Her idea began when she read a book and thought that coming up with the ‘The Little Website that Could’ program would help other individuals become like her.

The book insists on theoretical practices to embrace before you start the company. It will inspire and motivate you to adopt ideas that can turn into a moneymaking project.

Since she has been in the business for long, she reveals the exact techniques used today and when the internet started.

You know social media is a new concept, which was not there before. However, she highlights how you can use social media to market your product in one of the book’s chapters.

The book shows you ways to market your store on social media

She also writes about the Triangle method, which many writers have duplicated not knowing that she founded the idea. She will also highlight some of the techniques that sales gurus such as Rick Beneteau, and many others, taught her.


Extra Gifts that Come with the Book

1. In addition to the book, the user will get additional booklets that expound on:

  • How you can protect the e-commerce store from hackers
  • How you can turn a hobby into a business
  • How to rank your website in search engines such as Yahoo and Google

The book shows you how to protect your site from hackers

The eBooks are free for every client that purchases the product.

2. Once you pay for the book, the author gives you access to over 90 eBooks that she used to self-develop her sales prowess. They include books from copywriters and salespersons that had enough knowledge on how to write copy for the sites. Some of the books include:

  • Million Dollar Emails
  • How to Get People to Eagerly Buy from You
  • Affiliate Marketing Magic

The writer provides students with a link that leads to these books via email.

3. You will also have a book that gives you ideas on the ways that you can use to make money from your kitchen table. She wrote this book in 2001. They include article ideas that she collected from news clippers that deal with moneymaking opportunities that entrepreneurs can pursue from home.

Money Back Guarantee

You will have your refund if you are not satisfied

This is a very affordable course. The author provides a refund upon dissatisfaction of the products that she provides. If you feel that the book does not help you, you have a right to ask for a refund within 14 days from the day of purchase.

She will not ask for her books (including the free books) back when you get your refund back. You can keep them to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Based on the review, The Little Website That Could is an essential product for people who want to make good money with their online stores. Vendors should buy this book before starting any business.

The book guarantees success on your business once you read it

Additionally, if your business does not generate enough income, then the book is a necessity to increase traffic to the site and convert that traffic to sales.

The book is very affordable. Other programs would require one to invest in a book that only provides shallow information on the same topics that the author writes. Students should as well trust her experience.

Learn how even a little website can make big profits day in and day out – click here to access The Little Website That Could today!


The book is affordable
Comes with several other gifts
Offers detailed information
Experienced author


You will have to learn everything on your own. No coaches involved

Summary: The Little Website That Could provides all the details that propels your e-commerce store to a moneymaking project.

RatingRated 4.86 stars

Rated 4.86 stars
4.86 / 5 (7 )


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