Traffic Travis software is made for people with online businesses, either offering SEO services for a fee or just doing SEO for their own sites.  Its founder is Mark Ling and is published by double dot media limited.  It helps to boost traffic flow by using various methods of optimization.

It links with Google Ad words and thus brings you the best accurate information from one of the biggest search engines.

It’s a combination of various software which helps in doing the following activities:

  • Optimize your contents for search engines– optimization is ensuring that everything is how it is supposed to be. The software optimizes your content for the search engine by analyzing various forms of data available online. It uses a complicated algorithm to do all these.
  • Analyze the pay per click data in respect to the words you are targeting-keywords which the advertisers are willing to pay high on them are always good keywords to target. If you rank for such a word not only will you get more traffic but also high commission if you are running AdSense on your site.
  • Monitor your competitor and steal their information– the secret to staying on the market is doing better than the person you are competing with and staying way ahead. This software will show you what the competitor is doing, and you can leverage on such information to outrank them quickly.

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In any kind of business structure, the biggest threat you have is your competitor. This is not to mean that competition is bad. No, actually competition is very healthy. It ensures that the targeted customer gets the best for his/her money.

Traffic Travis gives you an upper hand in the online business world by helping you spy on your competitor and sees where they are getting their backlinks from and their link base. With this information in hand, you can copy exactly what they did to get the backlinks and even add more.

The gains you get when you buy the software cannot be compared to the price you pay. Mark Ling is a renowned internet marketer, and you can only expect the best from him. The capabilities and features of the software is a clear indication of a well-thought idea.

  • Do full website audits to see ranking issues hurting your site. Just like a building, a website needs to be reinforced in all areas. The software runs a comprehensive check and points out areas of weakness which you can improve on.
  • Know who is linking to you-sometimes spam-my sites may be linking to your site and these pose a great security threat as well as affecting your site authority in a negative way. The software will point out and help disavow those links.

The software will show you the page rank, Alexa traffic rank, page warnings, XML sitemaps, top ranking sites, average pages indexed

  • It will help you know why your website is not ranking.

The program performs an on-page audit and points out the areas of your website which needs to be fixed. It even grades them and offers the result after fixing the errors. For example, a site may be ranked as c, and The software offers some suggestions to fix the mistakes.

After fixing the mistakes and running the software again it will tell you whether you need to do more or you have achieved the desired mark?  Just like in a real business many factors determine your website ranking. Thus, mere copying of what your competitor is doing without really fixing your in-house issues like clearing broken links and others, you will see no improvement.

  • It helps you in keywords optimization

There is no bigger mistake in online business like writing contents with no target keywords. The search engine won’t be able to pick what to rank your content for. However, even if you have the keywords you are targeting, it is almost a blinded move trying to rank for a keyword without knowing how easy or hard it is to rank for it on search engines.

Traffic Travis will help you a big deal in solving these issues. It has keyword tracking software which will follow up on your ranking on each keyword.

It will help you do a keyword research analysis to determine the optimum keywords which will give you maximum traffic while at the same time they are easy to rank. Without using the software, you may think some keywords are easy to rank, only to pick them and find that it is almost impossible to rank on the first spot of Google with the keyword.

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Failure to do good keyword research can result in you wasting a lot of money, resources and your precious time on keywords which are too difficult to rank or which are too noncompetitive to generate any income.

To achieve the best results in respect to keyword use the exact button– this will give you relevant keywords which are closely related to what you typed in the search bar. Broad or Phrase search buttons return a wider scope of keywords, and they are not very good for niche targeting.

To further narrow down to more relevant keywords you can go to advanced settings in the keyword match type page and do your search targeted to certain areas or regions. Just select from the drop down menu what you think is the most relevant location for what you are searching.

  • Get a domain name through Traffic Travis domain finder.

This software has a domain finder on a .com, .net and .org extensions. You can purchase the domain names directly from their site. While choosing a domain name, avoid using dashes, capitalization or spaces between the characters.

A domain name can be an exact match such that a person can know exactly what you deal with by looking at the name only. These kinds of names, however, do not search engine friendly. Another disadvantage of such names is that you cannot diversify in the future.

A domain name can also be a brand name– the one which does not explicitly portray what you deal with. These are the best domain types to choose, but this is rather a contentious issue depending on the type of site you wish to make. You can check on other reviews about domain names since it is a very critical element in an online venture.

  • It helps you uncover many technical mistakes that may be affecting your ranking. These can relate to but not limited to the following,

If the H1 tags are different from the page title, you will be notified

If the page has too many H1 tags and poses a threat on over optimization, you will be alerted.

The less optimized pages which are affecting your website negatively,

If there are image tags where no images can be traced


How to get traffic,Travis?

The software comes in two versions

  • The paid version and,
  • The free version

All that has been discussed before in this review apply to the paid version in full and even in the free version but with some limitations.

The free version is good.

Despite the fact that it cannot achieve all that the paid version can achieve, it is 1000 times better than not having it at all. The free version will help you analyze data which can take you weeks if not months in a matter of seconds. The only requirement expected of you is to create an account on the traffic Travis website.

  • You can be able to do keyword research but up to a maximum of five searches.
  • Per every search, you get up to 500 results.
  • You can set 5 projects for the websites you wish to monitor.
  • Though you cannot do a competitor analysis with one button, you can do it by keyword research.

The paid version is the best.

Most of the reviews about traffic Travis dwell much on the pro version since it is the one with more features. The software is trusted by over 400,000 customers.

To get a clearer picture of what the paid version can do, we are going to outline some of the key things it can perform;

You can perform an unlimited number of runs on an unlimited number of projects as opposed to the free version which can run only two projects at a time.

The outcome data in respect to competitor analysis, keywords or domain word search is more detailed. You can do a seed keyword search of up to 500 words and get results of up to 2000 keywords.

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You will be able to see the keyword difficulty of each keyword you are targeting

You can do a simultaneous search on multiple sites to see their linking strategies and structures.

There is no form of data limitation if you have a paid version and you can save and print any kind of data you deduce from the figures using the software. The advantage of these reports is that they are white labeled and have no branding features on them anywhere.

This means professional SEO’s and agencies can use the software to do and offer premium services to their clients.

Instant alert and detection of any problem related to external Google tools. This ensures quick fix and thus efficiency.

More friendly and delayed time search. These delayed searches ensure that the search engines cannot detect instantly that it is the machine which is doing the search. A search engine hates automation of its features and considers any form as a robotic act. This can lead to your IP being blocked by the search engines.

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A deeper walk through the software

To download the software, you need to register first on their site.

After registering, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you registered with, and this will allow you to download the software.

After downloading the software, you will be prompted to either choose the pro or the free version. Choose the version of your choice.

When you open the software, you will get that it has four main sections.


This section gives an overview of your sites. From the dashboard, you can add more keywords to track just by clicking the add more button.

My site.

It shows the total number of pages you are monitoring. You can easily import pages, update pages list. You can see the number of backlinks you have created to each page you are tracking.

Research and link analysis tab. Shows how your content is linking or being linked to on the internet. Linking and other searches like on keyword or competitor are integrated in such a way that running a link search will give a pointer to competitor or keywords used.

The software has a steep learning curve, but after you buy the software, you will get enough support and tutorials.

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This is the main section where content is optimized. It’s the heart of Traffic Travis, and this feature will be looked at in more details shortly in this review.


This is the features which help to determine the best paying keywords and shows what competitors are willing to pay to get customized traffic. Have high PPC keywords is a very big boost to traffic.

The SEO tab.

For the SEO tab to operate, you must create a project and save it first. After that, the SEO tab will be active to open any of these:

  • Ranking section.

This section shows how your section ranks for each of the keywords in the respective search engines which you have activated for your respective keywords. You can also identify from which country your traffic is coming from.

The rank section shows the position you are currently ranking. If your ranking improves, it’s indicated by a green up arrow while a downward red arrow shows a drop in ranking. If your ranking has not increased at all, it will be indicated by a light blue dash. This section also maintains a record of the highest ranking you have ever achieved on the search engine.

The best page column shows which page of your site is ranking the best on search engines.

The ranking history menu shows how your keywords are performing on different search engines.

  • Competition

This is the section which shows you what your competitors are not doing and what you can do to beat them on the search engines. To activate the section you have to select a keyword or choose from the suggestion list from the open projects.


Traffic Travis Review 3After running the keyword research, you will get the following data

The difficulty of the keyword– this tells you how easy or hard it is to rank for the keyword

Page rank-shows the average and median ranking positions of the keywords

Backlinks page– shows the average and a median number of backlinks in each of the top 10 searches.

Backlinks site– shows the average and median backlinks per top 10 sites.

Serps – shows the number of search results related to the keyword on the search engine.

If you click on any of the reports about the competition you will get the top 10 results of the sites which are ranking for the keyword. The report will also show you the page ranking, page authority, backlinks to the page and backlinks to the site, number of backlinks from trusted domains.

The report also shows you whether any of your competitors is listed in the DMOZ and whether they are failing on any of the on-page optimizations in respect to meta descriptions, meta tags, etc. any weakness spotted here should be maximized on your site to gain a competitive advantage.

You can filter out your report or save as you desire.

You can also perform top 10 or 20 searches on your competitor using the tool.

  • Backlink

Click the backlink option and input the particular pages or sites you would like to analyze for backlinks. You can choose to retrieve data from either page rank of the backlink, its Alexa rank, its page authority, IP address, external count.

Choose the sources from which to retrieve your data, either from SEO MOZ, Yahoo or Blekko. Click ‘analyze’ to get results. The results will show whether the link is a no follow or a do follow the link as well as Alexa ranking, page ranking, external count, and the anchor text for each page.

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  • Link Finder

This is a really powerful section as it gives you an idea of where you can get links to your site which are relevant. The section can be further filtered into link types, whether you prefer blog links, forums, guest posts, directories, resources, from education domains only or the government domains only.


• This is the most reliable program you will find anywhere. Once you have the software you can be happy that most of your SEO work will be handled.

• The software is made from various software that work on SEO efficiency which means that it is unique and really works.

• It does not matter what is happening to your site, you will be able to use the software and achieve a lot.

• Works really fast to maximize traffic in your site.

• Everything related to website traffic and SEO is covered when using this software.

• Works really fast for you and configuration is really simple.

• It is very affordable. You do not have to look for other means once you have it. It helps you increase traffic hence benefiting for long.


• The software is really good but cannot specify the exact keywords to use in SEO.

• Requires enough care when using this guide.


Since the software uses quite heavy loads of information from search engines, it is highly recommended to use various proxies for various activities on the software. This will prevent your IP address from being banned.

This is quite a massive tool for SEO ranking, and you can rank your sites by using only this software. Its reporting system is efficient with an option of branding your reports.

The software, however, lacks in-depth capabilities of determining the best keyword bearing in mind that it heavily relies on Google Ad words. It’s satisfactory to use Google Ad words but not efficient for a global entrepreneur.

Considering there are more than 400, 000 people using the software, we can confidently say it is not a scam. Several people also have offered positive feedback regarding the product. Mark Ling has also been on the internet business for almost a decade and this is no new face.

Traffic Travis Review 2

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  1. Initially, I tried this product for one website and I have to admit it is top notch, it delivers what is promised. So, I decided to use it in more projects that my small start up handles. I am pleasantly surprised with the steady increase in traffic over time.

  2. You just have to sit and relax. This is one of the things that makes this program special. It is made to provide you with enough help in terms of seo and other things necessary to boost your traffic.

  3. Marketing techniques are not a piece of cake and this one can really help to learn the tough part of those techniques. Highly recommended.

  4. Traffic Travis plugin is a useful desktop-based tool equipped with essential functionality to boost traffic in your website by improving on your SEO visibility. I believe this review has provided enough information about the software. I suggest you try it to maximize your web experience.

  5. The program is all about helping you make the SEO on your site perfect so that you can make sure that you have done everything that you need to do to be at the top. I can start to talk about the details but those will come when we reach the part where I tell you how this one works.

  6. Linda Mitchell

    It offers keyword research, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign research and monitoring, as well as performing general website analysis. Traffic Travis’ free version can easily go toe to toe with what other platforms offer on their basic plans that have monthly fees.

  7. Ideal for small businesses to understand how to increase visitors to their site by implementing good SEO strategies. paid version is competitiively priced.

  8. John Ramirez

    All tools are found in the one piece of software, so it’s no longer necessary to find and visit a multitude of Web sites to analyze a Web site.

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