Many online businessmen moil and toil to rank high on Google and YouTube. In fact, they spend a fortune on SEO. Yet, they remain rooted at the bottom of search engine search results. What if I told you that you might effortlessly rank on the first page of search engines? More so, without any SEO mastery and backlinks? Even without spending any money?

Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) is a 2 in 1 software that may take this burden off your shoulders. And rank you at the top of YouTube and Google search results because research shows that videos rank better than websites.

To be more precise, 45%-85% of viewers buy a product after watching a video on how the product works.

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster 3 clicks

Video marketing blaster is a two in one online software. It may reverse-engineer Google and YouTube (G&YT) ranking using targeted videos and keywords.

Below are its 2 components:

1.Keyword finder module

Use Video Marketing Blaster to analyze competitors’ keywords that bring high traffic. More importantly, it helps avoid wrong keywords. Imagine you may be targeting the wrong keywords just like 90% of online marketers do.

2.Video details module

For high video rankings, you need well-optimized title tags and descriptions. The Video Marketing Blaster review video shows you how the Marketing Blaster video marketing software works. Precisely, it gets the best keywords with a balanced mix of videos, title descriptions and tags.

Overview of Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster Reverse Engineer

Many online marketers struggle to rank on the first pages of G&YT. Enter the Video Marketing Blaster software. This easy-to-use software shows the power of video in search engine ranking.

The Video Marketing Blaster features may:

  • Find untapped competitor and buyer keywords to exploit on your page.
  • Reverse engineer G & YT rank tracker.
  • Rank your video because of the optimized title description and tags.
  • Work in many languages and niches.
  • Drive 100% free traffic from Google and YouTube.
  • Exploit SEO even for those without any training.
  • The Video Marketing Blaster pro version has a rank tracker to check your ranking and traffic generated.
  • More still, the Video Marketing Blaster pro version has agency rights to easily rank videos in a few steps.
  • Additionally, the Video Marketing Blaster pro version has a templates module to reduce time wastage.

In a nutshell, this tool and its pro version increase your page views by exploiting competition keywords. Just follow the three clicks process. Are you a technophobe? Don’t worry because the table of contents shows a smooth workflow.

Overall, the process is much easier with automated clicks.

How Does Video Marketing Blaster Work?

Video Marketing Blaster Untapped Keywords

The software has an easy-to-use desktop version. Additionally, it emphasizes more on video ranking. YouTube videos rank more, especially where the video details are well optimized. Video Marketing Blaster eliminates the need to use backlinks for SEO ranking.

No need to increase pages pointing to your page for authority. No countless YouTube videos or knowledge of any keyword research tool. Video Marketing Blaster acts as the video marketer for you. In fact, it yields the best results, but it costs little. It avails the most valuable titles, descriptions, tags, and competitor keywords to use.

Firstly, indicate the focused niche. Then click for suggestions. The software avails untapped competitor keywords to use. The VMB does competitor analysis for you. Further, it studies their weak and strong points. Simply copy-paste the given title, descriptions, and tags on your YouTube page, and wait for the killer results.

Steps to follow:

Here is a recap of the steps the Video Marketing Blaster user follows:

1.Find untapped keywords

Video Marketing Blaster Step#1


To begin with, VMB suggests untapped and related keywords for your main niche after performing a niche analysis. Eventually, your page views increase rapidly.

2.Autopilot SEO optimization

Video Marketing Blaster step 2

Secondly, a click lets VMB analyze your competitors for weak points in their videos to exploit. It produces an optimized list of titles, descriptions, and tags that will get you top ranks.

3.Copy/Paste and get the profits

Video Marketing Blaster step3

Finally, upload your live episodes and videos on YouTube. Now, start to make money as views on your sales page skyrocket, to your dismay.

Benefits of Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster More rankings

  • May get you profitable, high-ranking untapped keywords.
  • You get free high-converting views.
  • Generates autopilot rankings through SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and tags
  • It gives you high converting page views through videos for more sales with less work.
  • No extensive SEO case studies for you to learn.
  • It takes you to the first page of search engines.

Who Made Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster Creators

Stoica and Vlad M. created Video Marketing Blaster software. They are software developers and online marketers with over ten years of experience. The two figured out the Google algorithm and worked around it. They then overcame the ranking system and decided to share it with the world. And all these at throwaway terms for a perfect SEO tool.

The nature of internet marketing is a frustration to many online businessmen. To find untapped keywords requires a thorough competition analysis. Only competitors with huge budgets can afford a rank tracker and keyword researcher. Ultimately, to rank on the first page of Google becomes a mirage for the poor.

The use of VMB aims at helping millions appear on the first page, regardless of their financial abilities. Its developers made this product to help online entrepreneurs. They enjoy the option of generating enough traffic for their online business. It works even for new startup businesses.

What Tasks Does Video Marketing Blaster Perform?

  1. Finds untapped Keywords which have a better chance of converting easily.
  2. Searches the seldom-used competition keywords
  3. Suggests your niche-related keywords after niche analysis.
  4. Autopilot SEO Optimization through a study of competitor videos for easier exploitation.
  5. Provides a way on how to copy and paste for maximum benefits.
  6. It diverts traffic to your website without you adding any money.

The tasks performed by the Video Marketing Blaster software helps to simplify the SEO process. Consequently, you overcome your competitors without hiring expensive experts. Fortunately, you can do all these tasks with the VMB software. And you don’t need any SEO experience to perform the tasks needed to increase your page views.

More still, you don’t have to worry about converting the views. The video details are taken care of by the software, including the best video title to use. Plus, the titles, tags and descriptions’ jargon are taken care of by the VMB. Just trust Video Marketing Blaster to take you to the top. Otherwise, you will remain anonymous forever.

Who Can Benefit from the Video Marketing Blaster?

If you wish to increase the ranking of videos on Google and YouTube, use Video Marketing Blaster. This tool is important to users like:

  • Freelancers
  • Online video experts like YouTube Videos
  • Affiliate marketing agents
  • Website owners plus operators
  • Social media entrepreneurs
  • Local businesses
  • Many other online businesses

Frequently Asked Questions During Our Video Marketing Blaster Review

What are the system requirements for this software?

Our Video Marketing Blaster review says VMB works on many Microsoft Windows versions. For example, it’s perfect on Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1, and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit).

Specifically, the best experience is achieved on computers supporting a minimum of an Intel i3 CPU and 4GB of random-access memory (RAM). To run it on Mac, you may use a Windows Virtual Machine like Parallels or VMware.

Can beginners use Video Marketing Blaster Pro?

Video Marketing Blaster no experience

Every Video marketing blaster review we came across reported that beginners and experts were at home with the VMB software. Whether for a YouTube video, SEO, keyword research, social media, or e-commerce sites, it was just perfect.

Just follow the three clicks, then copy-paste, and you are good to go. You then wait and watch as your site climbs up the ladder.

Which languages does Video Marketing Blaster support? 

Besides the English language, Video Marketing Blaster works in several other foreign languages. And you can perform keyword research in the language of your choice since most languages are enabled.

In fact, Video Marketing Blaster ranks better in foreign languages. This is because many foreign languages have less content to compete with.

Does any Video Marketing Blaster review show the best-supported niche?

Video Marketing Blaster Comments

Every blaster review said that the software supports every niche. And to crown it all, every video on Google or YouTube attracted many views.

Better still, the software converted the visitors for all the niches in each case. So, all areas and topics get equal support.

Do you require any up-sales to purchase Video Marketing Blaster software?

No. You simply buy and use Video Marketing Blaster as a stand-alone product because it works that way. No more purchase conditions are needed.

Nevertheless, if you want to perfect your video marketing still, you get a chance to buy other blaster products. But, any extra blaster products purchases are highly subsidized for you.

Do customers get a support link? 

The official website gives you a link to follow to access the support desk in case of problems. In fact, they commit to responding within two hours.

But you are requested to be patient in case the support desk is busy. Following the link provided on the official website helps you to avoid scammers.

Does a video marketer get free updates?

Yes! Get the latest free updates throughout the products’ life. Your product will be constantly renewed because you will be running the latest version.

But, make sure you visit the official website regularly to check for the latest updates. This will ensure you enjoy any new features.

Does Video Marketing Blaster offer a free trial?

Subscribers get a 100% money-back guarantee if the software doesn’t take you where you want. Actually, the creators offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Further still, this risk-free offer is written on every advert on the official blaster website. But beware of sites that inflate prices or promise free downloads.

Is Video Marketing Blaster legit? What are users saying about the product?

Video Marketing Blaster Clients

Video Marketing Blaster users are happy. In fact, they all agree VMB is an effective SEO tool to raise your rankings on YouTube and Google. More importantly, it analyzes your Google and YouTube Video details to optimize your site.

The creators simply take advantage of YouTube’s algorithms to convince them that your video is perfect. The titles and descriptions get optimized fast. So, organic traffic increases with more conversions. To the users, VMB software is worth it.

Does Video marketing blaster come with any bonuses?

Get a VIP invite to the creators’ private training session. Here, you learn how to build your video marketing agency using Video Marketing Blaster. Furthermore, you get a private live training lesson on the way it works.

Other bonuses include:

  1. 20 Apple-style introductory videos to help increase conversions in several niches.
  2. A vintage photos pack to use in any video creator as slides
  3. 860Loyalty & copyright-free images to use in videos or website.
  4. The YouTube review trick eBook. More importantly, the eBook is a blueprint step-by-step guide to product launches.
  5. 100 Music loops PLR to help make videos and capture your viewers’ attention. And you may use the audio files in any video and website you wish.
  6. An audio-video platinum pack with high-quality royalty-free audio and video tracks. Plus, whether for podcasts and promo, sales, and intro videos, you’ll get them for 100% free.

What are the pros of Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster key facts

  • It may help increase website traffic for you to rank top of your competitors.
  • Finds the best untapped but profitable keywords for you
  • Ranks your videos on the first page of YouTube and Google
  • Available in several languages.
  • And it works for any niche.
  • The official Blastersuite website offers a discounted price with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Plus, you get free updates and add-ons after purchase.

Any cons of Video Marketing Blaster?

The Video Marketing Blaster is only found reliably on the official blaster suite website. And with all rights reserved to the official website.

Additionally, it needs constant updates for optimal functions. More still, most of its features always display related results and properties.

What is the Video Marketing Blaster pricing?

The Video Marketing Blaster is a one-time buy. Yet, it lifts you to the top of search engine rankings. Take into account the money you would use on SEO. For this reason, the price you pay for this product is just a token of appreciation.

It is affordable for any businessman destined for the top. And you are likely to get a 75% discount from the official website if you take advantage of the frequent offers.

Is there a range of marketing products to choose from?

Ostensibly, yes. Specifically, the products comprise:

  • Live Event Blaster 2 Pro
  • Video Marketing Blaster PRO TRIAL
  • The Video Marketing Blaster Local Pack
  • Video Marketing Blaster
  • And the Video Marketing Blaster PRO Upgrade
  • A one-time fee-offer for Video Marketing Blaster Pro

Final Take

After our thorough Video Marketing Blaster review, we found satisfied users. Furthermore, the creators instilled more confidence with their 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. Surely, only a legitimate product can attract such a guarantee. The Video Marketing Blaster product may work for any niche. Plus, it’s available and ranks in several languages.

Simply, it’s all SEO in one pack. Further still, you get title description and tags. You also get a countless website and YouTube views. More still, it helps you rank on page one. Does this sound like a fairy tale? You buy Video Marketing Blaster risk-free. It’s time to rise to the first page. Buy VMB now, and smile all the way to the summit.

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