Digital marketing is the future and every organization is attempting to harness the power of the Internet for growth.  Even small businesses are setting up their own websites to extend their geographical reach. Customers are exclusively relying on websites to obtain information about the companies and their products.

Online product information has begun to play a key role in influencing the customer’s purchase decision.  Today, a company website is considered as a powerful weapon in a digital marketer’s arsenal. Many websites are enabling customers to directly order products online without visiting the retail store.

The recent developments in web development have goaded companies to spend considerable money to build their brand online.

Most websites fail to generate sales…

However, not all websites are successful in converting the website traffic into successful sales. Ultimately, revenues are generated through sales and any well-designed website that fails to contribute to the sales funnel is nothing but useless.

Marketers are on a quest for a perfect technique for designing a well-planned website that helps to generate sales. ProfitBuilder is a perfect solution for helping digital marketers in their quest for success.

What is Wp Profit Builder?

Wp Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create high conversion marketing web pages.  The plugin provides templates that have already demonstrated their capability to generate high conversion pages.

Some of these templates have helped businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue.  As of now, 187,424 Businesses are using ProfitBuilder to generate sales.

Wp Profit Builder product website

How does it work?

This plug-in is very simple to install and it is targeted towards marketers. It provides a user-friendly design interface that helps you to design and create a variety of landing pages.

Marketers who do not wish to design can make use of 100 readymade templates that come along with the product.

Do I need to be a programmer for using Wp Profit Builder?

Not at all. The product is specially designed for professionals who do not know web programming. All you need to do is to use the ‘drag and drop’ feature of the software to build a ‘high converting’ website. The free-flowing user interface allows marketers to take control of their online marketing without knowing to code.

What type of marketing pages can I create?

You can use the plug-in to create any of the following web pages  to convert website traffic into potential sales:

  • Sales Pages
  • Member Portals
  • Webinar Pages
  • Opt-in Pages
  • Social Gates
  • Coming Soon pages
  • Review Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • E-commerce sites
  • ‘About Me’ pages
  • Local Marketing
  • Launch Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Training series
  • Full websites
  • Joint Venture pages

Who should use Wp Profit Builder?

The product is not meant only for big businesses. Every type of marketer is free to use the product. Following are the various marketing professionals who can confidently use the product without hassles:

  • Amazon Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • T-Shirt Marketers
  • Professionals and mentors who market audio and video programs
  • ‘Pay per acquisition’ marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Email marketers
  • Online and offline marketers
  • Product Reviewers

What is the key advantage?

Wp Profit Builder drastically reduces your overhead costs. This is because you do not need to pay a monthly subscription to a service provider who hosts and maintains your landing pages. Most of the marketers are in constant need for pre-built templates that help them to save time and increase sales. An easy-to-use WP plugin in all that is needed to achieve the goal.

Integrate with your existing site

You do not need to makeover your existing site while using Wp Profit Builder. In fact, you can include the landing pages along with your existing business website conveniently. The landing page created by ProfitBuilder can be embedded into your website without changing the theme.

Integrate with other tools

The plug-in helps you to seamlessly integrate your website and landing page with existing marketing platforms that are used for email marketing services and webinar services. All the leads generated by ProfitBuilder are shared with the marketing tools that you are using.

Other Integrations

The software integrates with popular payment gateways, membership system, CRM systems, and eCommerce sites. The product has made it extremely flexible to launch various marketing initiatives using the templates or the landing pages that you designed.

Now, you can accomplish your goal of Building your own eCommerce store

Experience faster load times

The product has been designed for faster speeds. So the visitors will be experiencing faster load times while visiting the web pages.  Fast speeds will give you an edge over your competitors as slow loading websites usually lead to higher bounce rates. Better customer experience positively leads to high sales.

Become a Better Marketer

ProfitBuilder has been designed to increase sales. The product’s sole focus is to increase sales. Hence, it guarantees a high return on investment. It is unlike other business websites that primarily focus on brand building.

You can design responsive web pages whose interface will be displayed beautifully on various devices.

Customize as per your needs

You have the power to customize the online sales process flow and add elements as per your design. You can also configure the ‘add to cart’ and the ‘checkout process’.

The biggest advantage is that you will be in control of your marketing website because the plugin will be installed on your own WordPress website.

Improve conversion rates with A/B Testing tool

The product comes with an intuitive testing tool that helps you to track the behavior of your website visitors. The A/B page testing tool will help you to check the different version of the landing page by comparing their individual conversion rates. It is important to split test to avoid losing money.

If you want to make killer landing pages that convert and give your visitors what they need, then click this link and you’ll get access to Wp Profit Builder today!

Customer Reviews

Expert marketers, sales specialists and a large number of business users have used Wp Profit Builder. All customers feel that the product is a good investment that helps you to fill your sales funnel.

The product not only helps to market products at a faster rate but also helps to improve the sales volume. This is achieved by including order bumps in your online selling process.

System Requirements

Following requirements are essential while using ProfitBuilder:

  • A Standard Host
  • A Self-hosted WordPress Site
  • PHP version of 5.4 or higher recommended
  • It is recommended to set the system for allowing the ProfitBuilder template to override the layout.

No Hidden Charges

Customers who buy the product are required to make only a one-time payment. Buyers are not required to pay any hidden costs or any monthly services to use the product.  The creators of Wp Profit Builder just want to see you using their product to grow your business

Key Features of the Product

  • Easy to use and time-saving
  • Builds pages with professional look
  • Enables marketers to build and test fast loading pages
  • Influences all the phases of a sales funnel
  • Enables marketers to split test the landing page
  • Track and analyze the traffic to your landing pages
  • Design pages that look great even on the mobile phone

Build your Sales Funnel

You can use the product to quickly fill in your sales funnel.  You can link your pages to your sales funnel and get a real-time view of your campaign progress. In this way, you can check the effectiveness of the landing pages and make necessary in the elements.

The analysis will help you to improve profits by increasing sales revenue per lead.

Customer Reviews

The product has garnered good reviews and the statistics speak for themselves. A marketing consultant has credited the product for helping to him to build 60 successful sales funnels and generating $1 million in profits for his client. One sale funnel helped him to generate sales worth $2 million.

Integrate with different themes

Even though it provides built-in themes to build amazing landing pages, the product can integrate well into your existing website theme. It is important to note that the built-in themes highlights and makes use of every aspect of the product. 

How Profit Builder helps you to achieve SEO?

The templates provided has content that guarantees that your website will be a top ranking site on different search engines. Moreover, bloggers will be able to showcase their content and blog articles in an effective way by using the product.

Manage your pages efficiently

Now, you can manage your landing pages more efficiently than before. You can not only export your pages to HTML but also revisit your previous versions even after your page had undergone multiple revisions. The results can be seen in a demo that can be viewed on the product website.

Support to eCommerce

The team that has created the product is continuously improving the product by adding new features on a frequent. These features enable you to take advantage of the growing eCommerce industry. This is because you can now integrate your pages with popular eCommerce platform like WooCommerce.

How to buy the product?

Prospective customers can buy the plug-in from the product website. The online purchase has been enabled by Amex, Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard. ClickBank, the global leader in eCommerce, is the online retailer that is facilitating the secure online transaction.

100% money-Back guarantee

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. The developers are very confident about the usefulness of the product. Hence, money will be immediately refunded to customers who do not find the product useful within a 60-day trial period. All the refunds can be requested through ClickBank’s website.

Wp Profit Builder product website

Dedicated support system

Dedicated support staff is always there for addressing any queries you may have with regard to the product.  The team will also provide support for any technical queries that you may have.

Things to do before contacting technical support

You must always use the latest version of the product as new features are being continuously added for product improvement.  It is recommended that you upgrade the product as per the new releases. The new releases ensure that the plug-in is highly compatible with other plug-ins.


  • Wp Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin that helps you to design high converting landing pages


  • The plugin can be used only with WordPress designed websites.

Overtaking major eCommerce platforms

ProfitBuilder’s integration with WooCommerce has enabled eCommerce to become a powerful eCommerce engine. Professional can now create stunning online stores that help to sell products at a faster rate.

In fact, 37% of all eCommerce stores are powered by ProfitBuilder. The plug-in has helped eCommerce platforms to achieve results that were three times better than those delivered by leading platforms like Shopify.

Start building incredible landing pages and making big profits that they generate – get the Wp Profit Builder today by clicking this link!


  1. Dan Leatham

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